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The stars have been making news for years now but it sure looks like it is the turn of the star kids now to be in the limelight. A case in point – Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan, and by extension – Aamir Khan’s daughter’s boyfriend, Mishaal Kirpalani! To make it simpler – Ira Khan’s boyfriend, Mishaal Kirpalani! So who is Mishaal Kirpalani? We will tell you all we know about Mishaal Kirpalani’s wiki right here.

Ira Khan’s Boyfriend

Mishaal Kirpalani is a musician, composer, artist and producer who is making waves of his own with his music that is slowly but steadily gaining popularity. He has already won over Ira Khan’s heart and now is winning many fans of his own with his undeniable talent. Initially Khan kept her relationship with Kirpalani a secret from everybody especially the media but since last year has been a bit open about it. She has shared several Instagram posts where she has openly admitted her relationship with Kirpalani.

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Kirpalani Finally Admits Relationship

Now Kirpalani too is admitting his relationship with Khan on social media. Sometime back he posted a photo on Instagram saying that “Used to not being allowed in the building. But now we on the rooftop.” Earlier in June 2017, Ira had called Kirpalani a “charmer.” Though Kirpalani has been making music for a while it was only in 2016 that he went public with it. On June 26, 2016, he uploaded his first video on YouTube called “With Strangers” and it received 1,748 views straightaway. No mean feat for a beginner in today’s crowded music field!

Bouquets & Brickbats!

Kirpalani released another song of his on January 19, 2019, called “Mish Pills” and it soon received 24,532 views within a couple of months within its release. However there was some backlash against this video with some critics and uncharitable people calling it nothing but a “High budget version of Dinchak Puja.” Some people even criticized the video for allegedly promoting drugs! All this negativity did not deter Kirpalani and he went ahead and launched his own YouTube channel named simply “Mish.”

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He is a Mumbai Boy

After he was outed as Ira Khan’s boyfriend there has been a lot of interest in Kirpalani and people want to know personal information about him like the names of Mishal Kirpalani’s father and details of Mishal Kirpalani’s family. Unfortunately he has been very secretive about his family and not much is known about them except that they reside in Mumbai itself. Kirpalani’s age is said to be around 29 years and he is single with no history of girlfriends except Ira Khan. Do we hear cheers for this talented one-woman man!

Kirpalani’s Likes & Likes

Some time ago a photo of Kirpalani kissing Khan on her forehead went viral and he captioned it “New Year’s is such a weird concept. But we go along with it anyway. And it’s fun. So Happy New Year!” After this there was an end to the speculation about whether Kirpalani was Khan’s boyfriend or not! Kirpalani is said to be a graduate and has a healthy interest in Hollywood. His favourite actor is Chris Evans and his favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence. While Kirpalani spends most of his time in Mumbai he loves to go to Miami whenever he gets the chance to get away for a few days from his career. While there he loves to gorge on his favourite Mexican dishes.

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The Future Sure Looks Promising

Kirpalani likes to be active on social media like most urban young people of his generation and has Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of his own. The fact that Khan is really fond of Kirpalani can be gauged from her social media posts where she has written things such as “Hope your Spring Break was sunny and smiley as @mishaalkirpalani’s, which of course, I piled onto” and “I watch your singing video every couple of weeks and it makes my day.” With a loving girlfriend, lots of talent and a passion to make memorable music Mishaal Kirpalani is looking ahead to the future with infinite possibilities in his heart!


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Mishaal Kirpalani’s Wiki: Ira Khan’s Boyfriend is Making People Dance to his Tunes!
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