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Bhuvan Bam is a successful and talented young sensational personality on YouTube and social media. If you are a person with a mobile phone and internet connection, then you must have seen him or heard about him. Indian YouTube viewers just love watching BB ki Vines. Bhuvan is popularly known by his channel BB Ki Vines. Bhuvan became the first Indian individual YouTuber to cross 10 million subscribers. All the characters on this YouTube channel are the creation of the talented artist Bhuvan Bam. He used to originally be a singer and composer and performed in bars in Delhi. He is also known for his collaboration with a lot of other popular YouTube channels like TVF and AIB.

Bhuvan Bam’s Net Worth: Big Earnings & Income

Previously Bhuvan’s source of income was live musical performances but now since he has a huge number of viewers and subscribers base on YouTube, he is earning a lot from the ‘YouTube Partners’ Program. He also performs at events and stage shows. There are 10.6 million subscribers and approximately 1.33 million viewers of his channel. Bhuvan’s net worth is estimated to be around $230,000 in a year. He earns around $17,000 a month from his YouTube channel and has earned $1.0 million in his life so far. Bhuvan’s net worth has grown at a rate of 1,400% in the past two years.

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Bhuvan Bam Lifestyle, Family And Love Affairs.

He was born on January 22, 1994, in New Delhi. He completed his schooling from Green Fields School and his college from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. He has said that he used to go to college only during exam times or collect notes from friends. It was very rare that he attended regular classes in his college days. Initially, he used to work as a musician in a bar to earn his bread and butter and that encouraged him to follow his own passion.

Bhuvan’s family consists of his father, Avnindra Bam who is an ex-employee of Air India and his mother Padma Bam who works in a  private company. Bhuvan gets his inspiration from the things going around him. In the beginning, his parents were not aware of his popularity. However, his father realized when his family was mobbed at Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi, and they had to call the cops. According to sources, Bhuvan owns a house in Delhi and drives a Maruti Suzuki Swift.

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Delhi Boy Bhuvan Bam is an Influencer for Many Famous Brands

There is a drastic transformation in previous marketing strategies and in present day strategies right from storylines to faces. Bhuvan Bam and business partner Rohit Raj understood how influencers take up brand endorsements and bring innovative characters to life.

Currently, Bam is associated with six brands namely Arctic Fox, Beardo, Lenskart, Mivi, Tasty Treats and Tissot. All the others are brand endorsements under one-year contracts except Tissot. With Tissot, Bam is associated with quarterly contracts that get renewed every three months. Bhuvan is the first-ever brand ambassador for Mivi, Tasty Treats and Arctic Fox bags. He is also the first male brand endorser for Lenskart.

BB Ki Vines & It’s Important Characters

BB Ki Vines are just 2-8 minutes videos on his YouTube channel. They are related to conversations between him and his friends and family but all characters are played by Bhuvan himself. The videos are filmed using a front camera of Bhuvan’s mobile phone. He started with uploading his videos on Facebook and then moved on to YouTube.

Some of the popular characters in BB Ki Vines  videos are:

  • Bhuvan Bam as himself
  • Banchoddas “Bancho” Chhatriwala, Bhuvan’s best friend
  • Sameer Fuddi, Bancho’s cousin
  • Babloo ji, Bhuvan’s father
  • Janakiji, Bhuvan’s mother
  • Titu Mama, Bhuvan’s maternal uncle
  • Lakhan Chhatriwala, Bancho’s father
  • Babli Sir, Bhuvan’s school teacher
  • Mr. Hola
  • Detective Mangloo
  • Amanda Cerny as Lisa
  • Mrs.Verma, Bablooji’s crush
  • Dr. Sehgal
  • Mr. Santa
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BB ki Vines vs Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Bhuvan Bam Ashish Chanchlani
Bhuvan has an Audience of 14 million.
Ashish has an Audience of 13 million.
Bhuvan’s Net Worth is $230,000 in a year.
Ashish Chanclani Net Worth is estimated at approx 1 Million dollars.
BB ki Vines won the Global Entertainer Award for 2019.
Ashish Chanchlani won Best Comedy Influencer 2019.


Both the YouTubers are doing very well in their respective careers. We love watching their comedy videos and wish them good luck for their upcoming future.

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth & Lifestyle: A Self Made Sensation on YouTube
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