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Ekta Kapoor has a son which makes most people think that she must be married as in India a woman cannot become a mother unless she is married to a man. So most people think that the “Czarina of Entertainment,” as she is often referred as, must be married to a healthy man. Think again! Is Ekta Kapoor married? If so then who is Ekta Kapoor’s husband and what is his name and where does he stay? So many big questions and no answers are forthcoming as Kapoor and her family always refuses to talk about her personal life.

Who is Ekta Kapoor’s Husband?

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Don’t worry because we have news on this issue and we are going to share it with you right here right now. Ekta Kapoor is not married. That’s right! Even though Ekta Kapoor is 44 years old she is not married. In fact, she has never been married in her whole life. Then how come she is a mother? That’s because of modern medicine as she is a mother via surrogacy. Shocked? A lot of people were as well when Kapoor revealed to the whole world that she was now the proud mother to a healthy baby boy.

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Beaten to the Finish Line by Brother

Kapoor is not the first woman in India to have a baby through surrogacy. In fact, she is not even the first one in her own family. Her brother Tusshar Kapoor beat her to it. Tusshar became a single father in 2016 through surrogacy and was overjoyed when the baby arrived. In an interview with The Indian Express, he said:

“I was thinking about it for some time before I finally had the baby because I was running out of time. I am not married yet. I may or may not in the future. I felt the time was running out fast and I couldn’t wait to have a family, have a child. That’s something I won’t be able to do as I grow older. I can always get married. That’s why I decided to become a single parent.”

Tusshar Inspired Karan Johar

Tusshar took this bold step and became so happy with becoming a father that his friend of many years Karan Johar got inspired by him. Karan Johar also became a father through surrogacy and had twin babies born. Talk about asking for something and getting more than you wanted! Seeing all this Ekta Kapoor also felt that her time had come to become a mother and she too had a baby boy via surrogacy.

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Ekta Kapoor’s Son

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According to media reports Kapoor’s baby was born on January 27, 2019, and the entire Kapoor clan was there to welcome the baby into their household. Kapoor has often been accused of showing women in a regressive light in many of her hit TV series that she has produced under her banner Balaji Telefilms. She has also launched more than 40 web TV series online through her digital app ALT Balaji such as Boygirl, Dev DD, Class of 2017, Cyber Squad, Ragini MMS: Returns, Fourplay, Gandi Baat and Broken. She has tasted success and received brickbats in this venture also.

She’s the Queen of the World!

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Nothing can faze Ekta Kapoor now that she has a precious baby of her own. She has devoted herself totally to becoming a mother to her tiny son and is enjoying every moment of it. The world wants to know who the baby daddy is but true to her nature Kapoor is keeping her lips sealed. Still, the speculation goes on that Kapoor must be married because she has a baby. Surrogacy is a controversial issue all over the world and India is no different. However, Kapoor doesn’t have a care in the world because she is in a powerful position in her industry and can stand up to anyone. So with a healthy baby in her home and a Padma Shri in her hands TV mogul Ekta Kapoor is really the “Queen of the World!”

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Ekta Kapoor’s Husband: Is Ekta Kapoor Married?
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