How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV
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Earvin Magic Johnson is an American retired basketball player and former president of the National Basketball Association of Los Angeles Lakers. Born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan, Magic Johnson was very much influenced by his mother’s strong work ethic. He saw his mother spend many hours after work each night preparing a meal and cleaning their home. Magic Johnson had a deep interest in basketball since his childhood. His favourite basketball player was Bill Russell, whom he admires more for his championships.

Magic Johnson belongs to an athletic family. His father was also a school basketball player from his home state Mississippi and his mother also played games as a child and was raised up observing brothers playing basketball. Magic Johnson learned the basics of basketball from his father. During school days Magic Johnson has decided his future was in basketball despite difficulties like racism during his high school. The school bus was carrying black students and after seeing this, white parents refused to send their children to school. Larry, Magic Johnson’s brother was also thrown out of the basketball team though Magic Johnson joined the basketball team. However, his teammates used to ignore him during practice and never passed the ball to him. No matter how many bad situations he faced his passion for basketball made him the best American basketball player.

Magic Johnson Made a Public Announcement about his HIV Positive Test

After the physical test before the 1991 NBA tournament, Johnson discovered he was HIV positive. It was very painful to accept this fact for him and his family. As soon as he got to know he called his wife and said he is coming home early today because he wants to tell her something. At that time the couple had not even been married for 45 days. Magic Johnson disclosed his diagnosis and gave his wife an option to leave him if she wants.

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Earlitha Cookie, Johnson’s wife, said that they will beat this together. Johnson’s wife also revealed that he called every woman he had been intimated or at least all the woman he had contact with. On November 7, 1991, Johnson made a public announcement that he would retire immediately because of his disease. Initially, Johnson did not know how he got this disease but later he admitted that it was due to various sexual partners during his basketball career.

Magic Johnson’s Family: His Wife & Children

Is Magic Johnson Gay
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Magic Johnson was married to his first wife Melissa Mitchell and she gave birth to his first son Andre Johnson in 1981. Andre was raised by his single mother and used to visit his father Magic Johnson each summer. Later Andre Johnson joined Magic Johnson Enterprise as marketing director. Magic Johnson married his second wife Earlitha Cookie in 1991 and the couple welcomed their son Earvin III and also adopted daughter Elisa in 1995. Magic Johnson lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Is Magic Johnson’s First Child from Earlitha Cookie, Earvin Johnson III a Gay?

magic Johnson gay
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Earlitha gave birth to Johnson and Earlitha first-child Earvin Johnson on June 4, 1992, in Beverly Hills, California. Earvin studied hospitality and focused on event planning and design from New York University. Magic Johnson is not gay but his son is! At the age of 17, Earvin confessed to his family that he was gay. In 2013, TMZ published a picture of him holding hands with a male friend. He was supported by his family on his views regarding homosexuality. Earvin Johnson appeared in the cast of the reality television series Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills in 2014 and became a cast member for the next three seasons. Earvin Johnson underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2015. Earvin is also famous for his feminine fashion style.

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Magic Johnson had seen many ups and downs in his personal and professional life from his basketball career to his HIV infection. He is struggling with his difficulties with a smiling face. He is an inspiration to all people who give up easily on their problems.

How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV? Is Magic Johnson Gay?
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How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV? Is Magic Johnson Gay?
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