Is Sonu Kakkar Married
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Sonu Kakkar comes from a family from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, which has given India’s playback industry not one, not but three singers. That’s right! Sonu Kakkar is the elder sister of famous playback singer Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar is also her sibling. You could say that singing is the Kakkars’ family business and passion. She announced her entry into Bollywood with the wildly popular raunchy song “Babuji Jara Dheere Chalo,” from the film Dum. Today she sings songs for virtually the whole Indian film industry in languages like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali and Nepali. People are asking the question “Is Sonu Kakkar married?”

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Photo: Instagram/sonukakkarofficial

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Sonu Kakkar’s Husband Neeraj Sharma

Sorry guys, Sonu Kakkar is very much married! So the question on everybody’s lips is “Who is Sonu Kakkar’s husband?” The lucky guy is Neeraj Sharma. Neeraj Sharma married Sonu Kakkar on December 21, 2006, and the happy couple have been together ever since. Just like Sonu was the first sibling who got into singing she is the first sibling to have gotten married. Though Sonu has been married for more than a decade the couple is as happy to be with each other as they were on their wedding day back in 2006.

Sonu Kakkar Husband Neeraj Sharma

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Modern with a Touch of Traditional

Proof of that came on the occasion of Karwa Chauth this year on October 17, 2019, when she came dressed gorgeously in a pink saree. Completing the look were the sindoor on her forehead, mogra in her hair, choker, chandbali and bangles on her arm. She looked stunning as she completed the ceremonies praying for a long and healthy life for her husband Neeraj Sharma. She posted images of herself and Sharma on Instagram and captioned them “My Karwa Chauth Look yesterday.” Sharma too was looking dapper in his white shirt and blue trousers even as he posed with his arms around his wife Sonu Kakkar.

Neeraj Sharma is a Film Producer

People want to know more about Neeraj Sharma but information about him is not easy to come by as Sonu is a very private person and never talks about her personal life. She doesn’t have many pictures of him on her Instagram account as well. So what does Sonu’s mystery man do? Aren’t you dying to know more about him? Don’t worry we are going to tell you. Sharma is also involved with the Indian film industry and is a film producer. He has co-produced several films with the most famous one being the Nana Patekar cop thriller Ab Tak Chhappan 2, where he was the executive producer. This is the sequel to the earlier film of the same name that was a hit with both audiences and critics.

They Met at a Social Gathering

So how did the lucky couple meet and did sparks fly at their first meeting? In earlier interviews Sonu has answered this question. She has said that she and Sharma met at a social gathering and something special happened between them even as they chatted and had a great time. They then started talking on the phone regularly and that broke the ice. Soon after Sharma SMSed her a message in which he confessed that he was in love with her. Sonu blushed and Sharma told her that he was serious about marrying her. She agreed and their respective families agreed as well so six months later they tied the marital knot.

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He Showers Sonu with Gifts

Sharma likes to surprise Sonu a lot and is still romantic about her and their relationship. He buys her gifts regularly and his favourite thing is to buy tickets for a hideaway in Goa and wait for her with a special gift. Sharma agrees that he is still crazy about his wife and has said earlier “Our bonding is extremely strong. We know we want to grow old together. Marriage has cemented our relationship and love has just become stronger with time.” Isn’t that cute?

Neeraj Sharma is a Keeper

Even as Sonu Kakkar gets more famous because of her singing and music talent Sharma is happy to support her from the shadows. He is one of the few males who do not feel threatened by his wife’s success and popularity. He has and will continue to support her. May his tribe increase! When Sonu teamed up with Neeraj Sharma she got more than a partner and husband, she got a “Keeper.”

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Is Sonu Kakkar Married? Yes, Her Husband is Neeraj Sharma
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