The Very big news is trending about controversial actress Rakhi Sawant that she got married. Recently this news shocked every fan. Everyone knows her due to her multiple controversies, as she is always engaged with some unusual statement. One of the most famous controversies of Rakhi Sawant was Mika Singh’s kiss that too without permission of her, and many more.

She got an entry in Big Boss I & Nach Baliye 3. There also some contention arose. When she loses Nach Baliye 3, she filed a complaint against the channel for not doing proper vote counting. Once she was sent to jail by Punjab Police for insulting the Rishi Valmiki.  Again she is in news nowadays about getting married to NRI named Ritesh Pandey on 20 July 2019. 

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Ritesh Pandey wiki   

Ritesh Pandey lives in the UK and he is a businessman. He has a sweet family, Father, Mother, Sister, and Ritesh. Rakhi is Christian by religion and Ritesh Pandey is Hindu.

Ritesh Profession

As mentioned above that he is a businessman & according to Rakhi, he works for Donald Trump and due to some of his privacy, he can’t shares any professional information regarding his work.

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Ritesh meet with Rakhi

According to the recent interview of Rakhi Sawant in a press conference, Ritesh was a fan of her. once she was feeling very low and lonely, and then when Ritesh came to know about her sadness, he texted rakhi asking the reason for the same. Rakhi got confused that how he comes to know about it.

Then Ritesh introduced himself saying “I have been following you from a long time as a fan, so I understand about you.”

This thought of Ritesh impressed her. Then they started chatting regularly, and who knows they might have begun meeting also and then started liking each other. They became very good & close friend which continued for one year. 

After continuing their friendship successfully for one year, once Ritesh asked Rakhi that if she has any friend who wants to marry her?

Guess what she replied?

She says ‘NO.’

Then Ritesh shared his feeling that he likes her and wants to spend the rest of life with her, and asked did she feel the same for him. She sought some time to think.

As time passes this girl realized that she is falling for him and her heart started beating for her biggest fan Ritesh. Rakhi saw Pandey for the first time just 15 days before marriage and after that, she got confident that she made the right choice about Ritesh.

Both of them proposed each other on Whatsapp.

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Marriage Ceremony

Both of them married at JW Marriot in Mumbai. First, they went to court & then the Catholic Church. Only family members were present at the spot. Currently, she doesn’t have any plan of shifting to the UK immediately. Once she gets a visa, then she may think about relocation.

rakhi sawant wedding pictures


They are planning to have a baby around 2020. Rakhi expressed her feeling that she wanted three children. Since Ritesh doesn’t want to face media, he promised that they will definitely share a pic of their kids, once they have any.

So guys, what you think about Rakhi Sawant’s secret marriage? Please share it in the comment section below.

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