Arunabh Kumar Controversy
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The #MeToo movement has originated in America and is fast reaching other shores including India. Big names in both Bollywood and the corporate world are finding themselves under the scanner for alleged and proven cases of sexual harassment of women. One such name is that of Arunabh Kumar, the founder and ex-CEO of The Viral Fever [TVF], an online entertainment source. Arunabh Kumar’s TVF has been regularly presenting and commenting on Indian social issues in an entertaining way. 

Why did Arunabh Kumar Leave TVF?

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Arunabh Kumar did not leave TVF of his own free will. Rather he was forced to because of the multiple allegations of sexual harassment that were levelled against him by a number of women. The Arunabh Kumar controversy started in March 2017 when more than 50 women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment after an anonymous Medium post that was titled “The Indian Uber – That is TVF.” An FIR was filed against him on March 17, 2017, on the basis of a 3rd party complaint by a Mumbai-based lawyer.

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Things went further south when on March 29, 2017 Kumar was booked for molestation after a woman filed a police complaint against him in Mumbai. Then when it was unclear where he was a second woman filed a complaint against him and a second FIR was filed. That opened the floodgates as multiple women spoke out that he was a serial sexual harasser who was getting away all the time. Finally, Kumar could not stand up to these allegations anymore and on June 16, 2017, he stepped down from the post of CEO of TVF. The courage of troubled women toppled yet another powerful man who was getting away with heinous crimes. 

An Achiever since High School

The allegations of sexual harassment totally destroyed the honour and reputation of a man who was considered an exceptional achiever by millions of people. After all he had passed out from IIT Kharagpur with a B Tech degree which is still considered the highest academic achievement by a student in India at the graduate level. He then joined Shahrukh Khan’s production company named Red Chillies Entertainment as an assistant. He worked for a while under the famous Bollywood film director Farah Khan and was the assistant director of her blockbuster hit Om Shanti Om.

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A True Life Success Story

He created a concept called Engineer’s Diary but it was rejected by MTV. Stung by this rejection Kumar went ahead and founded the online entertainment source The Viral Fever. TVF soon caught the attention of viewers and a success story was born. Kumar became the recipient of many awards and honours including “Man’s World – Men of the Year 2014,” “AFAQs  – Newsmaker of the Year 2014,” and was named in the Entrepreneur List of 10 Geniuses Redefining Creativity 2016.

What is Arunabh Kumar Doing Now?

According to sources Kumar is no longer involved in the day-to-day running of TVF and is not working for it. However that does not mean that he has broken all bonds with his company and the people he has worked with. He is rumoured to be in touch with many of the actors and regulars of TVF though he does not hold any official position in TVF. After all you don’t give birth to a company, nourish it with passion and then simply walk away!

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No Really Means No!

However the allegations against Kumar are serious. It doesn’t matter how educated you are or how much you have achieved, one does not have the right to harass women. No matter how many people laugh away at sexual harassment allegations there is a change slowly creeping up all over the world. Women are standing up for themselves and saying it like it is! Now it’s time for the menfolk to listen!

The Arunabh Kumar Controversy: What is the TVF Founder Arunabh Kumar Doing Now?
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