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The Bollywood institution, the Ramsay Brothers, came up with a new concept of a horror movie called Veerana with the bold and the beautiful heroine Jasmine Dhunna. In the late 70’s and 80’s this movie attracted viewers with bedroom and bathrobes scenes. Jasmine Dhunna was a beautiful actor who played the role of the witch Nikita. Jasmine Dhunna first appeared in the film Sarkari Mehmaan in 1979 on the big screen. Her second movie was Divorce in 1984 and Veerana was the last one of her short but eventful and famous career. Jasmine’s performance, her strong and scary screams and her expressions made everyone fall for her.

Mystery Behind Jasmine Dhunna: Where Is She Now?

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Jasmine Dhunna found fame after the huge success of her movie Veerana. There is not much information available on the Internet regarding her family, life or appearances in public after the movie Veerana. According to rumours, a famous underworld don fell in love with her after her movie Veerana. She used to get threatening calls from the underworld and she was well aware of his intentions. Thanks to this imminent danger, she left the country. In some reports, it is said that after Veerana she got married and settled in Jordan but this is not confirmed yet.

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Jasmine Dhunna Alive Or Dead? This Question Made Everyone Once Again Crazy!

Once again Jasmine has made everyone go crazy with her missing story on the Internet. After the release of her hit film Veerana, nobody saw her again. While some say she committed suicide, some say she settled in Jordan and married an American guy. Her suspicious death made her fans go crazy on the Internet. People don’t even know her real name as in the 70’s and 80’s heroines who used to give bold and sexy scenes never kept their real name onscreen. They feared that it might harm and ruin their family image. The rumours of the underworld don taking an interest in her could be the reason for her disappearance. She might have been so scared that she left the country and Bollywood and never gave any more appearances in public.

Plot & Cast of the Movie Veerana

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Veerana was released in 1988. It was a horror movie produced by the Ramsay Brothers. Jasmine, Hemant Birje, Sahila Chadha, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Satish Shah were some of the main leads of the movie. The movie revolves around a young beautiful girl who is possessed by an evil spirit. This movie made everyone crazy in that era but with the fame of this movie, we lost a beautiful bold actress. Though there are many stories but strong evidence is missing.

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The mystery behind her disappearance has still not been solved. Now only Jasmine can give true answers to these questions. No matter what, whenever we will hear the name of Veerana we will always have memories of this gorgeous actress and her going missing.

Her fans want to know where she is now but nobody has any clue about it. We wish to see her healthy and happy in the near future.

Jasmine Dhunna Wiki: Where is Jasmine Dhunna Now?
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