What Happened to Belle Delphine
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We are in an age where anyone can become famous by doing anything on social media. Similarly, Belle Delphine is a 20 year old young girl who got famous by posting her own pictures wearing a babydoll style anime costumes and these pictures went viral.

Belle Delphine is a worldwide known Internet star and is popular for her glamorous persona and modelling on Instagram. Belle Delphine was born on October 23 in the year 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa and then later moved to the United Kingdom.

She joined Instagram five years back in 2015 and registered at YouTube in 2016 where she uploads makeup tutorial videos about how to do cat-eye video. Belle Delphine frequently changes her hair colour to pink, white, red, green etc.

She is also recognized for her “ahegao” facial expressions. Ahegao is a term which describes the fictional character during intimacy in a p*rnographic Japanese video game. Belle Delphine is famous for a very unbelievable thing which is selling a jar of her own bathwater named as a thirsty gamer boy for US $30. Shocking right! According to sources, Belle Delphine is going to sell her pee from 2020.

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Why Belle Delphine Went to Jail? Why was Belle Delphine’s Instagram Account Removed?

did belle delphine go to jail
Photo: Instagram/belledelphine4life

It’s not difficult for gossip to get viral on social media platforms. Belle Delphine got arrested and it didn’t take long for her fans and YouTube users to know what crime Belle committed.

Belle Delphine fell off the face of the earth for two months because she was arrested by Metropolitan police. The reason behind her arrest is really funny. Belle got arrested because she spray-painted the car of her friend. According to Belle Delphine,  one of her friends stole her hamster from her house party and for revenge, she spray painted her car. Belle Delphine wrote “ Bitch! Give me my Hamster back.”

Apparently, the whole story of getting arrested is fake as it was only for getting attention on social media. Belle Delphine is a sensation on YouTube with 500,000 subscriptions and 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

In July 2019, Belle’s Instagram page was unavailable. Many wondered exactly what happened to Belle Delphine? Instagram responded that her account was removed because it was violating community guidelines. It’s unclear what actually was the reason behind it but many of her fans and followers assume it’s because of her unusual sale of her bathwater.

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Belle Delphine Rumour that She is Dead!

Where is Belle Delphine Now
Photo: Instagram/belledelphine4life

The fact is Belle Delphine is alive, healthy and enjoying her life. Now the question is how the internet buzzed about the rumour of Belle Delphine’s death. All this started on February 19, 2019, where Belle posted a video in which she is wearing anime-esque costume and dancing on a song about suicide with a play gun.

Belle Delphine’s followers got worried, where some Instagram follower commenting for making the video of a suicide where others speculate that Belle herself had died. Fortunately, nothing happened to Belle Delphine and she was all right and she posted more pictures in the next few weeks.

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Belle Delphine is a perfect example of the new generation getting famous for anything. Social media has given people a platform to showcase their talents but also on the other hand promoted rubbish and unproductive stuff which is not good for society as well as for youth.Not that Belle Delphine and her fans give a damn!

What Happened to Belle Delphine? Where is Belle Delphine Now?
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What Happened to Belle Delphine? Where is Belle Delphine Now?
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