What Happened to Darrell Waltrip
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Darrell Waltrip’s retirement from Fox Sports has put the channel and its owners in a fix. They have a big problem on their hands now. They are surely wondering how to replace a man who for almost two decades was the face and voice of Fox Sports even as it covered the NASCAR Cup Series races. They have recruited two people Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon to take over from Waltrip but it is not going to be easy for the network to get audiences warm up to them. That’s because Darrell Waltrip has been a big hit with the audiences for all these years. This is why many of them are asking questions like “What happened to Darrell Waltrip?” and “Where is Darrell Waltrip now?” Don’t worry, we will tell you all we know about what Waltrip is up to right here.

Did Darrell Waltrip Retire?

Yes! It’s true that Darrell Waltrip has retired from his broadcasting career after giving it his best for almost two decades. Waltrip had announced his retirement from active broadcasting on April 4, 2019, at the Bristol Motor Speedway. His reason for retiring was that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and grandchildren. He made his final bow by covering the 2019 Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Sonoma Raceway as a broadcaster.

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Who is Darrell Waltrip?

Darrell Waltrip was born on February 5, 1947, in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. So how old is Darrell Waltrip? Waltrip is 73 years old and still in the prime of his health and ever enthusiastic about his life. Waltrip is an American former racing driver, former national television broadcaster, an author and a motorsports analyst. He is a three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion having won in 1981, 1982 and 1985. He is also a three-time NASCAR Cup Series runner-up having got the second position in 1979, 1983 and 1986. No one can argue that Waltrip does not have the qualifications to be a broadcaster with this kind of achievements under his belt.

A Hard Act to Replace

When his replacement Mike Joy was asked about how the Fox Sports network would replace a popular broadcaster like Waltrip who has more legitimacy than anyone else in America he replied “When you put all that together, it’s a pretty impossible task. The more everybody talked about it, the easier it was to see. ‘Let’s not try to reinvent that wheel. Let’s move this in a slightly different direction.’”

What is Darrell Waltrip Doing Now?

So what is Darrell Waltrip doing now? His broadcasting days may be over but cars are still a big part of Waltrip’s life. Waltrip currently owns several automobile dealerships in Franklin, Tennessee, including big brands like Volvo, Honda, Subaru and Buick/GMC. His partner in this profitable venture is his former team owner Rick Hendrick. However, no matter how busy Waltrip is he always takes out time to spend with his family. After all, that’s the reason he retired from active broadcasting in the first place.

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A Rich Legacy

Waltrip is considered by all his fans as a passionate promoter of all forms of racing especially American stock car auto racing. He has been regarded all his life as a true ambassador of the sport of motor racing. Waltrip is also a man of arts having made film and television appearances in his racing career. He has also written for several magazines and published several books like his autobiography DW: A Lifetime Going Around in Circles which went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

Waltrip has had a long and varied career and has won the love and respect of millions of people all through his life. If he prefers to take his days off and enjoys doing the things he loves nobody can grudge him. Darrell Waltrip has won his precious time off!

What Happened to Darrell Waltrip? Where is Darrell Waltrip Now?
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What Happened to Darrell Waltrip? Where is Darrell Waltrip Now?
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