What Happened to Chris Webber
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Chris Webber is a retired basketball player. Chris Webber was born on March 1, 1973, in America. Chris Webber is a five-time NBA All-Star and five-time All-NBA team member. He was in first-team All-American and led the Michigan Wolverines in 1991. He was also a National High School basketball player of the year and led his school Detroit Country Day in three Michigan State High School Basketball Championship. However, Chris Webber was indicted for the Ed Martin Scandal by a federal grand jury and removed from his All-American honour by the NCAA.  Chris Webber is now engaged in various charities and established The Timeout Foundation in 1993. The foundation’s objective was to deliver education and recreational opportunities to youngsters. He is a member of many charitable organizations and trusts who require assistance, especially for youth.

Chris Webber’s Basketball Career Ended Due to Injury

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Photo: Instagram/realchriswebber

Chris Webber announced his retirement from basketball in March 2008, due to his knee injury which ruined his 15 years old NBA career. Chris conveyed his message to his fans by saying:

“People say you’ve got to go until the wheels fall off. Well, my wheel fell off. I went all the way until the end so I am happy with that.”

Chris Webber was only 35 years old when he announced his retirement. Chris played only nine games during his second assignment with Warriors, averaging 3.9 points per game before he got injured in his left knee. Chris played for five teams in his entire career including Washington, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Detroit and lastly Warriors. Chris showed his gratitude to the NBA by saying:

“ I never thought I would have been able to play 15 years in the NBA. I got to play against some of my idols. It’s been a great ride.”

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Chris Webber’s Journey of Basketball Hall of Fame

 It is a dream come true for every basketball player to see his name in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Jerry Colangelo, the chairman of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame said in 2019

“To be named a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame is a tremendous honour and we are proud to recognize the outstanding men and women who have impacted the game.”

In 2019 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced 13 finalists including great coaches outstanding players, extraordinary referee and women’s committees. The list of finalists was disclosed at a press conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For elections, finalists need 18 votes out of 24 from the Honours Committee for election and results will take effect in the year 2020. Names of 10 finalists players are Chris Webber,  Marques Johnson, Bobby Jones, Sidney Moncrief, Jack Sikma, Been Wallace and Paul Westphal, Bill Fitch and Eddie Sutton as coaches and referee Hugh Evans.

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Where is Chris Webber after his Retirement?

Where is Chris Webber
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In 2008 Chris Webber declared his separation from the basketball sport but his passion and love for NBA made him an analyst on NBA TV’s show NBA Gametime Live. He also hosts Tuesday Fan Night with Ernie Johnson and Kevin McHale. Chris was the owner of the restaurant Center Court With C-Webb in Sacramento, California but sadly it got closed down on November 17, 2009. Presently Chris’ earnings are around $125,000 from his job as a NBA analyst. Chris Webber is fond of luxury houses and cars. Chris bought a house in the year 2007 worth $3.75 million which featured a fireplace, a kitchen, an office, a den, 3 bedroom, bathrooms and a lap pool which he sold in February 2014. Chris also has a collection of cars and Chevrolet is his favourite brand.  Chris and his wife Erika Dates were blessed with twins in the year 2017 after trying for eight years. Chris Webber has proved that ups and downs are the part of life but how to make the situations favourable to us is in our hands. We are happy for Chris and his family and wish them luck in the future.

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What Happened to Chris Webber? Where is Chris Webber? Is He Sick?
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