why did faisu got banned on tik tok
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Born on 5th October 1994 Mumbai, Shaikh Mudassir Faisal aka Mr Faisu is one of the leading Tik Tok fame of India. With a viewers list of around 19 million, he is recognized as the most following personality of Tik Tok.

‘Mr Faisu’ is his social media name. Faisu completed his school from IES New English School, Bandra Mumbai and later on done his graduation from Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

He got popular in just one year with a huge fan following by making lip sync video on famous tracks like memes, pop culture etc.. Faisu is one of the most lovable online personality of India. Faisu also leads a group of Tik Tok named ‘Team 7.’

According to him apart from fulfilling his hobbies, he makes Tik Tok videos because he chooses the same as his career interest. And due to its desi touch, Tik Tok, formerly known as Musically, got immense popularity in both the rural and urban areas, and so the large audience.

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As per Mr Faisu, the reason behind his success is daily content updations and now his dream is to be featured on the big screen.

But, apart from all this, the main question which is clicking on every fan’s mind is that why did Mr Faisu’s account got banned on the Tik Tok. So we got the answer for each and every fan, just keep reading to know more.

Why did Mr Faisu Got Banned on Tik Tok?

Recently, Faisu along with his teammates Hasnain, Faiz and Sadhan uploaded an inflame video on Tik Tok group ‘Team 7,’ which was based on Tabrez Ansari’s lynching. In that video, the whole ‘Team 7’ group were acting as giving a message saying:

“Innocent Tabrez was killed, but if Tabrez’s son grows up and takes revenge then Muslims shouldn’t be termed as terrorists.”

After the video came to limelight, everyone started criticising them for spreading the hatred and enmity through their video.

The Shivsena IT cell spotted the video and a complaint was filed against the video by Ramesh Solanki, who is also the core member of the cell.

As a result of the same, the video is removed by the Tik Tok and also the responsible accounts got suspended.

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What Celebrities has to Say…

Ashoke Pandit and Gajendra Chauhan condemn the incident and say that the strict action should be taken against the responsible ones. They also added that today the youth or those ‘so-called celebrities’ of our country are misusing the social media platforms for spreading hatred among each other.

Faisu is Now in the Eyesight of Youtube Moderators

After the account suspension on Tik Tok, Youtube also removed one of his Youtube videos from its channel.

According to Jansatta news website, a music album named ‘Tere Bin Kive’ featured Faisu and Jannat Zubair Rahmani was released on the Youtube, which is removed by the Youtube recently. The same song was also shared by Zee music-based channel.

After its release, the video got extremely popular among the peoples of Youtube. Also, the song got the award of the most trending song.

After the deletion, the team of Faisu and Zubair badly got trolled on the social media platforms. The reason for video removal is not cleared yet.

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Mr Faisu’s Reaction on Tik Tok Ban

Here’s the good news for Faisu’s fans, that Faisu is back and recently he is spotted at London.

Faisu shared a video on Instagram where he promised that he will back with his new videos on Tik Tok soon. Check out his shared video below:


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A post shared by FAISAL SHAIKH (@mr_faisu_07) on

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