Unable To Go Home This Diwali! Wait, We Have the Best Plan for You To Overcome Loneliness


Diwali is arriving at its double speed and most of you are being excited to meet your family and be free from office on holidays. But, some of you would not be able to go to your hometown because of many reasons. So, don’t get upset we are sharing some ways to enjoy your holiday when you are alone.

Visit Your Family Friend

It is the best time to spend with friends of your family. Sometimes People get so busy that they do not have time on their own to meet their friends, due to this we slowly get far from our own friends. So, meet your friends and discuss their happiness and sadness whatever you had faced.

Make Sweets

Diwali is the only time when we spent time with our family. At that time we make a lot of dishes especially sweets to enjoy the festivals. So, make that sweets and dishes at your place and remember your family. Here are the common dishes which are seen normally in each and every house like Gulabjamun, Gujiya, Gajar ka Halwa, Saloni, Besan Ke Ladoo etc.

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Calling That Friend Who is Alone Somewhere Like You

If you are alone in Diwali, then try to find a friend in your friend circle who is alone like you. So, go and meet your friend and plan something. 

Do Charity

During Diwali, we do so many shopping, decorate our houses etc. but once think of those poor children who don’t have food to eat, not even have a sweater or shawl to cover body. So it is the best time to help others who are in need. Fulfilling their need will bring peace to your mind and life.

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Go On a Short Trip

It can be the better option that you can plan your nearby places, visit there and spent 2-3 days as a mini vacation. You can visit places like temples, beach, zoo, national park etc. You may go with your friends, relatives, colleagues etc.

Clean House

Normally most of the people in India give time for cleaning or maintenance of their houses at the time of Diwali. Cleaning of House is very common which includes cleaning walls, ceiling, changing the position of things in the room so that room looks beautiful. On the occasion of Diwali people plans for whitewashing in their houses.

Watch Movie

Check the latest movie which is being released recently, watch the trailer and check the rating of the movie. Plan the show according to your convenience. It is also the entertaining part in Diwali.

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Make Phone Calls Whom You Haven’t Spoken from a Long Time

You can call your close ones or friends whom you have not been in contact with. Call them and ask about them, wish them and pray to God for their and their family happiness.

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Unable To Go Home This Diwali! Wait, We Have the Best Plan for You To Overcome Loneliness
Guys, sometimes we are unable to go home on Diwali due to so many reasons. So we are sharing the best plans for the people who are unable to go home on this Diwali 2018.

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