Tips for Ganesh Visarjan

The whole country is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, people worship Lord Ganesha with great enthusiasm and fun. After living for 10 days in people’s hearts and houses, Lord goes away to come again in the next year. So we take the sculpture of Ganesh Ji and immersed it in the nearest lake, pond, river, sea, ocean etc., as visarjan. But there is some major problem which arises due to this type of activities, which badly pollutes the water body.

In earlier times, usually the sculpture of Ganeshji was made by using mud, which easily gets mixed with water but nowadays some style has arrived where sculptor made sculptures, which look attractive and but, are very harmful. So after immersing the sculpture in water, some unbelievable things come forward. first of all, check out the video below, you will get some idea, what am I trying to say?

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Is it the right way which is being done?

Is POP (plaster of Paris) the really important raw material to make the sculpture of Ganeshji?

Is it essential to immerse sculpture in water bodies? Is eco-friendly Ganeshji really required?

Is it really essential to use plastic and Polystyrene (thormocol) material as a decorative? and submerged them in the water bodies at the end of the festival?

Are we human being or pollutant being?

Can’t we make eco-friendly sculpture or decoratives?

Please comment in the comment section below.

If it is asked personally with us, it is clearly shown in the video that people are just really throwing the sculpture disrespectfully in water in the name of Visarjan, which we really believe, we worship.

Also, it is shown that when people walk on the beach, they literally crushed the sculpture by their feet. Also, some part of the sculptures which can’t get dissolve is laying on the bank of the river like a garbage.

If it is asked to us, then we will suggest these listed things to do during Visarjan:

1. Buying Ganesh Idols which are eco-friendly because now a day use of POP, Thermocol etc. are being increased and its effect is clearly shown in the video, so it is better to use sculpture as mentioned to save the environment and also our feelings shouldn’t get hurt.

2. Size and number of Ganesh idols should be limited; more the number of sculpture, more idols will be immersed in water bodies, resulting in more pollution.

Also, if the big sized idols are being immersed in water bodies,  it will occupy more space and lead to a large amount of pollution.

3. Decorations should be made eco-friendly by using waste paper or materials, which easily get decomposed.  Because throwing plastic affects very bad in our ecosystem. So it is also a major part where everyone should think because it is not a matter of one day, it’s a matter of 10-11 days.

4. Avoid the playing of loud music, a common problem, normally no one thinks about. The government had made many laws and tried to stop this activity, but common people are not ready to support the government, and play DJs, music system etc. which are very harmful to aged peoples and kids.

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5. Making artificial immersion tank in your area will really help. Those who worship Ganesh idols in their homes can immerse those idols in that artificial tanks, which will give two positive results.

Firstly river, lake etc. will get less pollutant.

Secondly, it will reduce the traffic in the area where the government has decided to dump all the Idols.

6. Awareness should be spread on Green Ganesha, the time has come to aware people and take some serious initiative. Never use idols made of POP which cannot get decomposed. Which is very clear in the above video.

7. Teach the younger generation about this wrong things happening around them, when they grew up, they will always take care of these things.

Tips You Should Follow on Ganesh Visarjan: Otherwise, Stop Praying, If You Can’t Respect Them!
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Tips You Should Follow on Ganesh Visarjan: Otherwise, Stop Praying, If You Can’t Respect Them!
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrating at all over the country and we have some important tips for the Ganesh Visarjan.
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