Top 8 Janmashtami Decoration & Celebration Ideas: Time to Decorate Our Homes & Streets


In this Janmashtami welcome Lord Krishna with some new ideas so that you can have fun, workship etc. All women are always ready to welcome this festival and they try to give their best for their family members. So, here are 8 ideas for decorations on this Janmashtami.

#1. Make Lord Krishna Peacock Crown

Peacock feather is always being seen on Lord Krishna turban because when he played his flute then peacock is lost by listening music and King dropped feathers on Lord Krishna feet and Krishna accepted the feathers and places it in his turban.

#2. Dahi Handi Phod

As everyone knows another name of Krishna ‘Makhan Chor.’ Yes, he steals Makhan from the pot of gopiyan. So, ‘Matki Phod’ can be organized. If kids are there then indoor can also be arranged otherwise normally this is organized in every street.

Happy Janmashtami Dahi Handi

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#3. Making Jhula of Krishna

Jhula can also be made to put on Bal Gopal on it. This jhula is decorated and pooja is being done with prayers.

Happy Janmashtami Krishna Jhula

#4. The Decoration of Aarti Thali

Aarti thali can be decorated by using papers and it can be cut in the color of the peacock feather.

#5. Wearing dresses like Krishna

This is the most common method to celebrate this festival. Children love to wear dresses and become Krishna or Radha.

Krishna Janmashtami Kanha

#6. Making Sweets Especially for Fast

Milk products like kheer, rabdi, peda, kalakand, misti doi, basundi, badam phirni, and malai chamcham are the common products seen in the market and also in Indian homes. As like the names all the sweets are very tasty.

#7. Welcome Lord Krishna, by Making Rangoli

This is also very common, normally on the time of festivals, ladies make rangoli near the door of the house and make a beautiful photo or imaginary of Lord Krishna.

Janmashtami Rangoli

#8.Making a Pooja Room

Pooja room can be decorated by decorating Krishna, Krishna Jhula, near surrounding of Krishna etc, are the best ways to decorate.

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Top 8 Janmashtami Decoration & Celebration Ideas: Time to Decorate Our Homes & Streets
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Top 8 Janmashtami Decoration & Celebration Ideas: Time to Decorate Our Homes & Streets
Here are the top best decoration and celebrations ideas for this Krishna Janmashtami, because this is the time to celebrate Kanha's birthday. Hapyy Janmashtami 2018!!!
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