Top 15 Best Makeup Looks You should Try On This Navratri Nights 2018

Top Navratri Makeup Looks

Navratri is celebrated in dedication to Goddess of Power called ‘Shakti’ and her different forms. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of India that also involves pandal hopping, dancing and offering prayers to Maa Durga. It is a general belief that worshipping Durga means being blessed for wealth and prosperity. The nine days are celebrated by dancing, fasting, rituals and offering prayers.

Navratri is not just a festival of nine days to worship Maa Durga. All nine days Garba nights are also there to enjoy the festival. So everyone wished to look different at these Garba nights. Makeup will bring different enthusiasm on you along with Dandiya nights. Here is the list of makeup which you will require to get the different looks.

List of Makeup

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Compact Powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Lipstick
  • Lip liner
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Kajal

Makeup Looks

  1. Shimmer Eyeshadow and Glossy Lips Look

You can shadow your eyes with golden shimmer touch and lips by dark maroon lips. It will look great in the night and also you can have this look at every type of dress. 

Glossy Lips Navratri Makeup Looks

2. Neon Look

Nowadays neon look is in trend. You can use the shades according to your dress. For reference image has been shared here. In this makeup, orange neon lipstick shade is used and you can do smoky eye by using neon orange shade and black shade. 

Neon Navratri Make Looks

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3. Ombre Lips Look

Using different shades you can give an ombre look to your lips. It will give a different look to your makeup and just change your whole look on the Dandiya night. 

Ombre Navratri Makeup Looks

4. Shimmery Eyes and Matt Lips Look

This will bring a different kind of look to your face as it will highlight both your eyes and lips in a different way. Highlight your eye with shimmer eyeshadow and your lips with Matt shade. Choose natural shades so that you glow naturally.

Matt Lips Navratri Makeup Looks

5. Lifted Effect Eyes

Use this tutorial to give lift effect to your eye and enhance your eye shape. Follow it step by step to get a perfect look.

Lifted Effect Eyes Navratri Makeup Looks

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6. Glittery Eye Makeup Look

You can shade your eye in whatever shade you like but dark shades will give you a perfect look to your eyes and then apply glitter eyeliner to complete your glittery eye look makeup.

Glittery Eye Navratri Makeup Look

7. Peacock Eye Look

As in Navratri, we use bright shades of the dress so experience this Navratri with this peacock shades look. First, do the base makeup of your eye and then use green and blue shades to give the peacock look.

Peacock Eye Navratri Makeup Look

8. Highlighter Makeup

Complete the makeup by using highlighter. Highlight your cheek bones along with your eyes and enjoy the Garba nights.

Highlighter Navratri Makeup

9. Shimmery Eyes and Lips

Apply shimmer shadow to your eyes and shinkery lipstick to lips to get this look. As Navratri is shining with colour festival. Shine yourself on Navaratri by this look.

Shimmery Eyes and Lips Navratri Makeup Looks

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10. Half Shimmer Eyes

Use shimmer after full eye makeup and use this shimmer over lateral half of your eyes to give this look to your eyes. Try shades like golden copper bronze for shimmer look. And for base makeup use natural shades as they will enhance your eyes when you apply shimmer shade on half of the eye.

Half Shimmer Eyes Navratri Makeup

11. Rosy Eyes

Use rose colour shades to give this beautiful rosy look to your eyes.

Rosy Eyes Navratri Makeup

12. Rainbow Eyes

Apply multi colour eye liner to give this look. Apply the first line of the blue colour than white, green and then orange. As Navaratri is colourful festival you can use this look to present yourself different with rainbow eyes.

Rainbow Eyes Navratri Makeup Look

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13. Messy Bun

You can get a different look by making the messy bun. This bun will make u look traditional and classy. This bun will look great with Indo western dresses.

Messy Bun Navratri Makeup Look

14. Four Braid Updo

You can make this easily and it will look awesome with any type of dress. You have to make 4 braids and just secure them with bobby and at last use hair spray. Go through the link for reference.

Four Braid Updo Navratri Makeup Look

15. Shiny and Matt Look Nails 

Now a days both the types on nail paint are in trend you can mix match your dress colour and can get the look. Use one shiny colour and one Matt colour.

Shiny and Matt Look Nails Navratri Makeup Look

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Top 15 Best Makeup Looks You should Try On This Navratri Nights 2018
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