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Love him or hate him! The one thing you cannot do is ignore Arnab Goswami! Arnab Goswami is an contentious Indian journalist and television news anchor, who is also the editor and majority owner of the news channel Republic TV. Currently he is also the president of the News Broadcasting Association’s governing board. Goswami has found fame over the years with his signature news programs like The Newshour, Frankly Speaking with Arnab, The Debate with Arnab Goswami and Nation Wants to Know. Since he is such a public figure and clearly successful people are very curious to know about Arnab Goswami’s net worth and the amount of money he makes.

Arnab Goswami’s Salary

Though there are several figures being bandied about according to reliable sources Goswami earns more than Rs. 1 crore a month. When spoken in American currency it is estimated that he earns over $2.0 million per annum. Arnab Goswami’s net worth is estimated to be above $60.0 million which makes him among the highest paid news anchors in India.

More Freedom than Ever Before

Arnab Goswami Republic TV
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That Goswami is rolling in serious money is evident from the fact that in 2019 he repurchased Republic TV shares from Asianet. Thanks to this Republic TV is well set to become an Editor-run news channel. Launched in May 2017 the channel is now valued at around Rs. 1,200 crores. This means that Goswami will have even more freedom to run his debates and the channel than before. That makes his fans happy but his detractors very nervous.

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Accused of Being Pro-BJP

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And there are a lot of them out there. Goswami has faced a lot of flak about how he is so aggressive with his guest panel of debaters and also how partisan he is. People openly speculate that Goswami is openly pro-Modi and refuses to listen to criticism against the BJP’s policies. That could well be because it is alleged that Republic TV is a BJP funded channel and also a thinly disguised mouthpiece for them. Republic TV was funded partly by Asianet which itself was funded by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a then-independent member of Rajya Sabha.

He had intricate links with the Bharatiya Janata Party and was even the vice-chairman of the National Democratic Alliance of Kerala. Other prominent investors in Republic TV were Goswami himself, his wife Samyabrata Ray Goswami and educationists Ramdas Pai and Ramakanta Panda. They all invested via a holding company named SARG Media Holding Private Ltd.

It’s Raining Money!

Some reports suggest that Goswami’s net worth could well be around $70.0 million and growing. That would explain the rich goodies he has like a luxury car like the Maserati worth Rs. 1.5 crores and a working-class car like the Toyota Innova worth around Rs. 15 lakhs. He has a palatial house in Mumbai which is estimated to be worth around Rs. 20 crores today. Goswami is one person who has been able to utilize his considerable intellect to carve out a successful career for himself and make a handsome packet of money as well. The best part is that Goswami’s age is just 46 years which means he has decades ahead of him to work and rise even higher.

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A Big Brand Himself

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There is no doubt that Goswami is a brand name all by himself. When he unexpectedly resigned as Editor-in-Chief from Times Now people were wondering animatedly what he would do now. Goswami put an end to all the gossip by launching Republic TV with himself in the pole position. Not surprisingly he made a big splash and Republic TV became the most watched English news channel in India for a straight 100 weeks in a row after its launch on May 6, 2017.

Only Time Will Tell!

Over time the initial interest in Republic TV has cooled down a bit. Goswami has gone overboard with his aggression and many politicians, celebrities and domain experts are reluctant to appear on his show because they do not get a chance to speak. Goswami himself is unapologetic about his style constantly stating that he is a journalist and it is his responsibility to ask the most honest and awkward questions. So there is a lot of fire and drama in his show but how much positive impact he has had on India is a question that only time will answer. Till then enjoy the wild ride with Arnab Goswami!

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Arnab Goswami’s Net Worth: A Big Salary & a Platform like Republic TV
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