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Pushpendra Kulshrestha is a well known Indian Journalist, Activist, and a Public Speaker from New Delhi. He has the expertise over different subjects and has worked along with Aaj Tak and BBC.

He became famous for his revelation of minute details related to the Jammu and Kashmir present situations. In the past, he had also attacked the Congress Party regarding Article 370 and 35 A.

According to him, these articles were hampering the development of Jammu and Kashmir. Among famous cases where he put forwarded his opinion were Batla House encounter, Burhan Wani case and Afzal Guru.

Meanwhile, he throws light upon a new term called Hindu Terrorism. Pushpendra mainly targeted on the Muslim people on account of the terror activities.

Moreover, he was sad regarding terror activities and poor settlement in India. He mentioned about the migrants who are degrading the peace of Sweden, France, and New Zealand.

Who is Pushpendra Kulshrestha?

Puspendra Kulshrestha is a prolific senior journalist from Delhi. He was born on December 2 in the year 1960. His father was into the food business and his mother is a homemaker.

He holds a degree in Journalism from the famous Aligarh Muslim University. He is married to Rachna Govil and nothing much is known about her in details. His twitter handles are @pushpendraamu and @pushpendrakul.

Lesser Known Facts About Pushpendra Kulshrestha

  1. Pushpendra is very vocal about his views on Muslim religious values.
  2. He has strong views against good and bad terrorism operating in India.
  3. He initiated the discussions about the migration policies related to Adnan Sami.
  4. He also supported the thought of giving visa and citizenship to activist Taslima Nasrin.
  5. Apart from his religious views, he also talked about the role of RSS in Indian Political scenario.
  6. His major point revolves around Islam as a religion and its interpretations.

Family of Pushpendra Kulshrestha

Nothing specific is known about his family. His father was into food business and mother a housewife. He is married to Rachna Govil. His fiery speeches over religions matters have always put him into troubles.

His views on terrorism are the most discussed ones among several activists and journalists. His place of birth is Aligarh UP, India. He did his schooling from Minto Circle High School at Aligarh. He had served multiple times as Secretary-General of Press Club of India.

His statement, ” Islam is anti-secular and that is why in most Muslim countries only Islam is legal” caused him a lot of trouble. Most of his peers do not accept his opinions and was called a Peace Breaker. 

On the recently announced verdict of Ayodhya, he was of the opinion that ” Mandir Toh Banna Hi Tha” ( Mandir will be built).

He expresses his happiness upon the verdict and asks people who don’t like the verdict to shut up and introspect.

Following the discussion above, he appears to be a man of his own words. He is fearless and have the courage to put forward his opinion. His Youtube speeches are the testimony of his expertise and freedom to exercise speech. Time will tell what else he feels for several matters governing India.

Pushpendra Kulshrestha Wiki: Lesser Known Facts about His Family & History
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Pushpendra Kulshrestha Wiki: Lesser Known Facts about His Family & History
Pushpendra is an active journalist having his own opinion on several religious matters particularly Islam. He got his mass communication degree from Aligarh Muslim University.
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