Raksha Bandhan Mythical Tale

Bond of Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is the festival of love between brother and sister. It’s a feeling of bonding which consists of love, respect, promise, admire to make a bond of freedom. Rakhi is not just a thread but an everlasting oath to protect the siblings from all perils of the universe.

  • Bond of Protection
  • Bond of respect
  • Bond of understanding
  • Bond of beloved
  • Bond of love
  • Bond of kindness
  • Bond of promise
  • Bond of trust
  • Bond of loyalty

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The story of King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi

There are several mythological stories we all know, King Bali’s story is one among them. He had an extreme power of invisibility which made him win over almost all the Devas in war. Lord Vishnu had several devotees but the name that comes up first is Prahlada, King Bali’s grandson. Many Devas including and especially Indra was afraid of seeing the rising power of king Bali.  He was a very munificent king and famous among people. Hearing all the pleading then Lord Vishnu came to the rescue of Devas and took the Vaaman incarnation to save them from king Bali. Lord Vishnu asked Bali that I want a three-foot space.

King Bali thought that how much land the Brahmin would take, he accepted. Vaman turned into Vishnu and according to the promise he took the earth, sky and the entire universe in 2 sides. There is nothing left to give to him on the third side, he said, “Lord, you should put my feet on my head.” Following which he reached nether lands.

But Lord Vishnu can see his true devotees suffer from newness. Lord Vishnu promised that I will protect you till the next era as a guard when Indra will be crowned as a king. Because of this, Lord Vishnu went away and Mata Lakshmi fell alone.

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She went on to become a Brahmin woman on the earth so that she could get back with her love, Lord Vishnu. Mata Lakshmi told Bali that her husband is out for years and she needs a place to live. Bali welcomed her by open heart and always protected her as a brother. Goddess stayed her whole life with Bali as a and his house was filled with happiness again.

The sweetness of relationships comes from the truth. Whether it is a god or a human. Relationships will always be experienced with a true feeling, which can not be touched or seen but can only be felt. Like Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali’s story which is one of the greatest examples of a relationship between a brother and sister.

As Raksha Bandhan Draws Closer, This Mythical Tale Will Leave A Smile In Your Face
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As Raksha Bandhan Draws Closer, This Mythical Tale Will Leave A Smile In Your Face
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