‘Ratha Yatra’ History: The Real Reason Behind the ‘Ratha Yatra’ Celebration

Rath Yatra
Ratha Yatra Puri

Let us know about one of the most religious festivals which is celebrated among Hindus in India named ‘Ratha Yatra.’ This festival is celebrated to recall and show respect to Lord Jagannath in Puri. ‘Ratha Yatra’ journey started from Mausi Maa temple to Gundicha temple in Puri. Deities chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are highly decorated and rolled over every year in the occasion of ‘Ratha Yatra’ in Puri, Gods are decorated with 208 kg of gold all over beautifully. Jagannath’s chariot is called Nandighosa, the chariot of Balabhadra is called Taladhwaja and the chariot of Subhadra is called Dwarpadalana. The major thing is offered as a gift to Lord which is called Poda Pitha in this auspicious occasion. According to mythical stories Britishers called ‘Ratha Yatra’ as Juggernaut.

Origin Of ‘Ratha Yatra’

According to religious thinking of people, some of the facts are there which relates the origin of ‘Ratha Yatra.’

One of them is “ Maternal Uncle of Lord Krishna and Balaram named Kansa planned to kill them, that’s why he invited both the brothers to Mathura. He sent Akrur with the chariot to Gokul to bring them. Lord Krishna, along with Balarama, sat on the chariot and left for Mathura.” From that time, according to this travel of Deities people celebrate ‘Ratra Yatra.’

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The History behind ‘Ratha Yatra’

Some traditional story tells us that Lord Jagannath is very desirable to reach his birthplace Gundicha Ghat to express his feelings which is he is waiting for so many years. In Hindu religion there is a belief that Lord Jagannath is an embodiment of Vishnu, that’s why people call Sudarshana, Balbhadra, Subhadra as the four arms of Vishnu. There are replicas of the huge chariot in the temple which belongs to each deity. Jagannatha’s chariot named Nandighosha, whose colour is yellow, 45 ft in height and has 16 wheels, each one is seven feet in diameter. Chariot is designed by 4200 devotees. Balabhadra’s chariot name is Taladhvaja, blue in colour and has 14 wheels. Among this Subhadra’s chariot is the smallest, consist of 12 wheels called Devi Radha.

According to a mythological book of Hindus Bhagavad Purana, Kansa invited Lord Krishna and Balarama to Mathura in the wrestling competition. Many chronicles have their own beliefs, one of them is Chinese historian Fa Hien which written about the chariot of Buddha when he visited India in 5th century AD. Buddha chariot pulled by the devotees along the road.

Jagannath ‘Ratha Yatra’ 2019

This year Jagannath ‘Ratha Yatra’ is to be held on 4h of July 2019 and Bahuda Yatra is likely to be on 12th of July 2019 worldwide. Many Devotees in Hindu religious celebrate this occasion joyfully to show their desire to Lord Jagannath.

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Puri ‘Ratha Yatra’ 2019 Full-Time Table

Mangala Alati6:00 AM
Mailam6:10 AM
Tadapa Lagi6:30 AM
Rosha Homa6:30 AM
Abakasha7:00 AM
Surya Puja and Dwarpala Puja7:30 AM
Gopala Ballav and Sakala Dhupa (Khechudi Bhoga)8:00 AM-9:00 AM
Ratha Pratisha9:30 AM
Mangarpana9:45 AM
Pahandi10:00 AM
Pahandi Sesha1:00 PM
Madan Mohan Vije1:00 PM-1:30 PM
Chita Lagi1:30 PM
Vesha Sesha1:45 PM
Chhera Panhara2:00 PM
Charamala Phita, Ghoda Sarathi Lagi2:00 PM-3:00 PM

‘Ratha Yatra’ Route Map of Puri

In Puri ‘Ratha Yatra’ started from Jagannath temple and ends at Gundicha temple, in between both the temples there is the distance of approx 2.5 km. Mainly it starts from the door on the east side of the temple, huge chariots of each deity moves to Grand road of Puri and pass the Mausi Maa temple which is located in the mid of Grand road, and at the end of Grand road, it turns right to reach the Gundicha temple.

'Ratha Yatra' History: The Real Reason Behind the 'Ratha Yatra' Celebration
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'Ratha Yatra' History: The Real Reason Behind the 'Ratha Yatra' Celebration
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