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Cricket is the most famous game in the national country, India.  However, everyone got disappointed on the exit of team India from the ICC Cricket world cup 2019, after losing the semi-final match with New Zealand.

But, there is nothing to get disappointed, as win and loss are the different aspects of a game.

Let’s come to the main topic that which player has the highest number of ducks in the international cricket career? But, before that, let’s come to know that what is ducks in the cricket?

 What is ‘Duck’ in Cricket?

Duck in cricket is a term used when a batsman is not able to make any run and gets out in zero. Of course, no batsman wants to get out in zero.

But, where this word Duck came from? It arrived from ducks egg, confused?

Let me explain.

There is no rocket science to understand this. Obviously, an egg looks like ‘O’ that’s why it gets the name Duck.

If we dug into the history, then we come to know that while talking about Prince of Whale’s score on 17 July 1886, “a newspaper wrote that the ‘Prince got retired for the royal pavilion on the duck egg.'” These lines were only responsible for bringing ‘O’ as Duck.

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Types of Duck in Cricket

Mainly six types of ducks are observed in Cricket named as Duck, Golden Duck, Diamond Duck, Platinum Duck, Silver Duck, and Bronze Duck. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

#1. Duck

When a batsman gets out at the score of zero. These are a quite common form of getting out especially at the time of innings end i.e nearly between the over of 45-50 because at that time any batsman tries to hit as many shots as they can and there are maximum chances of getting out. Sometimes it’s on the first ball also.

#2. Golden Duck

When a batsman gets out on his first ball then this score is known as Golden duck. This normally happens when a batsman just has arrived from the pavilion and gets out on the first ball he faces.

M.S.Dhoni got out by Golden Duck against Bangladesh which was his first ODI match.

#3. Diamond Duck

If a batsman didn’t face any ball and gets out is known as the Diamond duck. The best example of this type of duck is either he gets run out from the non-striker end or gets stumped.

#4. Platinum Duck

When a batsman moves to the pavilion after getting out on the first ball of the inning this is known as the Platinum duck.

Please note the term ‘innings.’ Don’t get confused between the Golden and Platinum ducks.

Let me clear this, when a player gets out on his first ball of playing then it is said as ‘Golden Duck,’ but if a player gets out on the very first ball of overall inning, then it would be said as the ‘Platinum Duck.’

Normally this situation arises only for openers because they only face the first ball of the Innings.

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#5. Silver Duck

When a batsman gets out in the second ball of the inning than it is known as the Silver duck.

#6. Bronze Duck

If anyone dismissed on the third ball of the inning than the condition arises known as the Bronze duck.

Which Player has Most Ducks in the International Cricket?

Cricket is a game where anything unpredictable may happen. This game is totally unexpected. Sometimes a player who is in the form gets out on 1st ball and sometimes a player who is not in form may hit a century. Here we are talking about the player who had the most duck in international cricket.

If we combine the total number of ducks in test and ODI, then M. Muralitharan had been got dismissal for 58 times, which is the highest number of ducks for a single player. He is one of the best spinners of all time in the world. Muralitharan plays for Sri Lanka. Since he is a baller, it is wrong to judge a baller on the basis of ducks, because they come in the lower order, and to bat in such under pressure condition becomes difficult.

In Batsman, Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka and Shahid Afridi of Pakistan has the record of having the maximum number of ducks in one day international.

  1. Sanath Jayasuriya has 34 ducks
  2. Shahid Afridi has 30 ducks

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The player with Maximum Ducks in ODI (One Day International)

ODI stands for One day International. One day matches consist of 50 over which has to be completed in a single day. So this is a platform where one needs to make run fast. Player’s strike rate should be high. So in this type of game ducks can happen with anybody, it’s not a big deal.

#1. Sanath Jayasuriya

If we talk about the player with maximum ducks in one day international then that player is Sanath Jayasuriya. Jayasuriya belongs to Sri Lanka. He gots out 34 times without making a single run, out of which 10 are golden ducks and 24 are ducks.

#2. Shahid Afridi

Pakistani player Shahid Afridi got out 30 times in ODI on zero runs. In 398 ODI Afridi takes 395 wickets and scored more than 8000 runs.

#3. Wasim Akram

Again a Pakistani player who is a great swinger who flew 502 wickets in only 356 matches. Akram also made 4000 runs in ODI. Total of 28 ducks was faced by Akram.

#4. Mahela Jayawardene

Of course, it shocks to see this player’s name in the list. Mahela is a top-class batsman with 12000 runs in just 448 ODI matches. But 28 ducks are present on his name.

#5. Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah is a top-class spinner of Sri Lanka with 534 wickets in only 350 ODI. He is one of the great spinners of the world. He has 25 ducks on his name.

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The player with Maximum Ducks in Test Cricket

Test Matches are played for five days. These are real matches for judging any team. Two innings are played continually for five consecutive days. At the end of the 5th-day, the result of the match is decided.

#1. Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh positioned at the top of the leading board. He belongs to West Indies. Walsh has 43 ducks in test series. But again as said it is wrong to judge a baller with ducks.

#2. Chris Martin

Then comes Chris Martin with 36 ducks in which 11 are golden ducks and 25 are ducks. Martin belongs to New Zealand.

#3. Glenn McGrath

The third one is Glenn McGrath with 35 ducks, out of which 5 are golden ducks and 30 are ducks. He belongs to Australia.

#4. Shane Warne

34 ducks belong to Shane Warne. He used to play for team Australia. Out of 34, 5 are golden ducks and 29 are ducks.

#5. Muttiah Muralitharan

Again Muralitharan has been placed in the fifth position who has 33 ducks, out of which 14 are a golden duck and 19 are ducks.

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Who is Supposed to Have the Maximum Ducks in the Future?

While tallying the list one thing got cleared that nobody can guess who might be in the top of the list. But as per the current situation of the record, we can assume:

#1. Moeen Ali

The England player Moeen is an all-rounder. He is a very good spinner and a top-class batsman. At the present situation, he has a total of 25 ducks, so there is a chance of more duck in future.

#2. Tamim Iqbal

A Bangladeshi player who is a world-class batsman. He had a total run of 12832 in just 389 matches. And Iqbal has a total of 32 ducks at present. So in the upcoming time, there is a chance of getting at the top list.

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