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Season 12 of the IPL is going on and billions of eyes from all around the globe are watching it eagerly, wondering who will be the winner of this seasons IPL 2019.

As usual, along with the players, the family members of the players also get trends during the cricket seasons.

So, in this article, let’s get know all about the wife of the lead player of Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma, herself Ritika Sajdeh.

Who is Ritika Sajdeh?

Born on 30th April 1987, right-handed batsman Rohit Sharma, whose bowling style is right arm off spin, debuted his IPL career in 2008.

He married to Ritika Sajdeh in 2015.

Ritika Sajdeh Wiki

Ritika Sajdeh was born on 21st December 1987 in Mumbai. And according to that, her age is 31 Years.

Her mother and father are Tina Sajdeh and Bobby Sajdeh, she has a brother named Kunal Sajdeh.

Kunal Sajdeh is a Business Development Consultant and now he is working at IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd., as a manager.

Ritika Sajdeh is from Hinduism religion.

Professionally she is an Indian sports manager and has been managing for Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, which is a management company owned by her cousin brother Bunty Sachdeva. The first person who joins the company was Ritika, and she is working there since the initiation of the company.

Now, she is managing both her husband and the company parallelly. Also, she accompanies her husband Rohit in his tour around the world.

Initially, she met multiple celebrities due to her professional profile but got celebrity status after she started dating our one of the favourite cricketer Rohit Sharma.

Ritika Sajdeh Relationship with Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is the ‘Rakhi’ brother of Ritika Sajdeh, or what we say ‘Muhboli’ brother or promise brother. Which means Yuvraj and Rohit are brothers-in-law.

It was the Yuvraj Singh only, who is responsible for the meeting of Ritika and Rohit.

Yuvraj and Ritika
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Ritika Sajdeh Hobbies

The main hobbies of Ritika are water sports and travelling. Maybe this water sports hobby motivated her to become a sports manager.

She also likes to play with dogs, and habitually share the photos of her with dogs at social media.

Ritika with Dog
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How They Met & Dating Life

As a sports manager, once Ritika was managing an event named Reebok Shoot in 2008, where many cricketers were gathered.

It was the first time when Yuvraj Singh introduced Rohit to Ritika sarcastically saying “Don’t even look at her as she is his sister,” revealed by Rohit himself on Youtube web series named ‘Breakfast with Champions’ hosted by Gaurav Kapoor.

That sarcastic words of Yuvraj spoiled the mood of the Rohit, and hence he got upset throughout the shoot.

Due to some of the technical faults, they had to reshoot some lines of the Rohit, and during that time Ritika asked disappointed Rohit delightfully to let her know if he wants any help. After that time, they become friends.

And soon their professional friendship turned into a dating relationship.

Rohit’s Proposal, Ritika’s “Yes…”

After dating for 6 years, on 28th April 2015, Rohit proposes Ritika for marriage at Sports Club Ground, where once he started his competitive career. The reason for choosing that particular ground was that the ground is lucky for him, according to Sharma.

He presented a solitaire ring to her, and that was like a dream comes true for her. Ritika, who also started loving him, accepted the proposal.

And that “Yes…” will be remembered by both of them throughout the entire life.

And that decision of the Ritika may be the best decision of her life.

The Ring Ceremony… Engagement

On 3rd June 2015, they got engaged in a private ceremony organised at Borivali Sports complex, Mumbai.

Previously, they had announced the news via their Twitter account.

Only the close family members and friends of the couple were invited at the ceremony. The Bollywood celebrity Sohail Khan was also present at the ceremony.

The engaging couples wore traditional dresses.

Wedding Ceremony

After the long wait of 6 months after the engagement, the Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh tied the marriage knot on 13th December 2015 at Taj Land Hotel in Bandra, Mumbai.

It was the huge ceremony and many prominent peoples from sports, politics and Bollywood attended the same.

The cousin brother of Ritika, Kunal threw a post-wedding dance and music party at Regis Astor Ballroom-Level 9 in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The Ambanis also organised a huge celebration party for both Harbhajan (who was married recently) and Rohit, as both played for Ambanis’ team Mumbai Indians.

Rohit Ritika Wedding
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Ritika and Rohit Sharma’s Daughter

On 30th December 2018, they welcomed their first child, who is a baby girl.

They named their kid ‘Samaira Sharma.’

Rohit Sharma Daughter
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Ritika Sajdeh Photos

Ritika and Rohit
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Rohit Sharma Wife Photos
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Who is Ritika Sajdeh? Relationship with Yuvraj & Facts about Rohit Sharma's Wife
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