Plan a Getaway from Mumbai to Kolad

You have been working hard for a while now and feel the pressure of the big city Mumbai weighing down on you. You step to your office window and see nothing but skyscrapers and slums rolled out like a carpet in front of you. You wish you were anywhere but here in Mumbai where the pressures of work and travelling are taking a toll on your health and mental happiness. You feel the need to get away for some time and put some distance between Mumbai and yourself.

It’s Not That Far Away

Guess what the doctor ordered? Exactly, what we are suggesting. A trip to Kolad! That’s right. You should head straight to Kolad, a mere distance of 126 km away from the mega polis of Mumbai. Kolad is a picturesque little village in the Raigad district in Maharashtra which is known for its fresh cascading waterfalls, green meadows and soothing scenery all around. You can see the Sahyadris in the background and the fresh air will lift your spirits as soon as you arrive in Kolad.

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Where the River Flows

Kolad is gaining popularity as one can indulge in several adventure sports like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, boating, paragliding and hiking. It is most famous for white water rafting and during the monsoons the beauty of Kolad is simply stunning. The river Kundalika is full of gushing water and the ideal place to do some exciting white water rafting. Nature lovers can feast their eyes on the magnificent valleys and backdrops here in Kolad.

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There is a Lot to See Here

There is a lot to be seen in Kolad like the Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, Kansai Falls, Bhira Dam, Ghosala Fort, Kuda Caves, Sutarwadi Lake and Valley Trek. Even if you want to just relax and take in everything that nature has to offer Kolad is the perfect place to go to. Once you arrive there your mind is instantly refreshed by the cool air and the green foliage all around. The best time to go to Kolad on a weekend is anytime between June to February but you may go in any other month as well if you want some alone time with your family.

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Food for Your Palate

You don’t have to worry about where to stay in Kolad because there are several cheap and medium priced homestays available. Those who want to be closer to nature can indulge in camping next to a water body or waterfall. Food is easily available and both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can satisfy their huge appetites at a reasonable cost.

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You Deserve This Break!

The best way to enjoy Kolad is to walk around the place and admire its natural beauty. There is a positive vibe in Kolad that affects everyone in good ways. Nobody can be unhappy in Kolad with the beautiful greenery, water bodies, blue skies and chirping of the birds all around. Both kids and adults can enjoy themselves in this peaceful resort far away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. A trip to Kolad will definitely energize you and you will find yourself looking to the future with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. Don’t take our word for it. Just travel those 126 km from Mumbai to Kolad and find out for yourself!

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Plan a Getaway from Mumbai to Kolad. You Won't Regret It!
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