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When Aishe Ghosh enrolled herself at the Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] at New Delhi, she definitely thought that her education here would launch her career and she would be famous in her profession. This is no different from what every Indian student thinks when he or she enrolls at a college. Only in Ghosh’s case she has become infamous. The JNU Students Union [JNUSU] President Aishe Ghosh has been named as one of the suspects for the violence against students and faculty that took place on the campus on January 5, 2020, by the Delhi police. People are curious to know more about her so we bring you some information on Aishe Ghosh’s wiki.

From Durgapur to New Delhi

Aishe Ghosh is from Durgapur, a tier-II city and a municipal corporation in Paschim Bardhaman district in the state of West Bengal. Ghosh has completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science from Delhi University before enrolling herself at JNU for a Master’s degree in International Relations. Ghosh belongs to the Student Federation of India [SFI] and became the JNUSU president in September 2019. She won by a slim margin getting 2,313 votes of the total 5,728 votes.

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She Won Fair & Square

However SFI heaved a sigh of relief when Ghosh was elected because they hadn’t had a JNUSU president for the last 13 years. Her agenda included several points like ensuring that the union wasn’t dissolved, protest against the fee hike, hostel shortage and other student problems. She has also been elected as the councilor of the School for International Studies for two terms. Since then Ghosh has been very active and was at the forefront of many protests including the anti-CAA protests conducted by students in New Delhi.

Beaten Up for Speaking Out

Before the mob took control and beat up the students at JNU Ghosh had posted a picture on social media where she urged students to speak against Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad [ABVP]. Her grouse against AVBP – AVBP was supporting the central government’s stand on the controversy-raising Citizenship Amendment Act [CAA]. Then January 5, 2020, happened where Ghosh was beaten up and severely injured by several individuals who wearing masks even as other students and teachers were getting thrashed.

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Her Family Too is Afraid

Hours after this brutal attack on Ghosh her father spoke to the media and said at that time “The situation of the entire country is volatile. We are afraid. My daughter has been attacked, tomorrow someone else will be beaten up. Who knows, even I may be beaten up tomorrow.” Strangely, even though Ghosh herself has been injured the Delhi police have named her as a suspect for the violence. The JNU management has alleged that Delhi police had arrested Ghosh and some of her friends on January 4, 2020, for attacking the security staff and damaging servers.

Kanhaiya Kumar Speaks Out

Not much is known about Ghosh’s personal life except that she is currently unmarried and pursuing her M Phil/PhD at JNU. While many prominent people have spoken up on the incidents at JNU some have received more press than others. Like former student leader Kanhaiya Kumar who said “Abuse us as much as you want. Call us anti-nationals. But it won’t help your kids get jobs. It won’t provide you with security. It would not help you get basic amenities. I can understand your frustration. Getting admission here is not easy.”

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At the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time

The JNU attack has become the centerpiece of conversation among students, educationalists and politicians and even the average citizen. Standing right in the center of this controversy is young Aishe Ghosh who is a powerful orator despite her frail figure. While the law will take its course if it is allowed to, Aishe Ghosh is finding herself in the midst of one of the most talked about incidents in student politics in recent times. When Ghosh enrolled at JNU she expected many things but certainly not this!

JNU President Aishe Ghosh’s Wiki: The Attack That Has Brought Her Center Stage!
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