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No matter how bad the situation is or how tough the job market is in India this is one job that no one wants to take up. What job are we talking about? We are talking about the least coveted job in India which is the job of the “Hangman.” That’s right! It is the job where you hang criminals and send them plunging below to their deaths after you pull the lever which pulls away the platform from under their feet where they were standing a second before. It is the job that Pawan Jallad is good at and is also in great demand for it. So who is this sinister sounding man named Pawan Jallad who is grabbing headlines? How is he connected to the Nirbhaya case? We will tell you all we know from Pawan Jallad’s wiki.

The Most Heinous Crime Ever

The four convicts of the Nirbhaya case are scheduled to be hanged till their deaths on February 1, 2020. The latest news is that the date of hanging has been postponed. The man who has been given the responsibility of hanging them at Tihar Jail, New Delhi, is Pawan Kumar from the town of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The four convicts Akshay, Vinay, Mukesh and Pawan have been sentenced to death for being the perpetrators of the heinous gang-rape of Nirbhaya, a 23-year old woman, in a moving bus in New Delhi on the night of December 16-17, 2012. She later died due to her serious injuries and triggered a public fury never seen before or since.

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A Date with Death

All four are scheduled to be given their death penalty by hanging by Pawan Kumar, known to all as Pawan Jallad, on February 1, 2020. According to reports, the date of hanging has been postponed. Pawan reported to Tihar Jail on Thursday, January 30, 2020, to make preparations for this historic hanging which is being watched with both anger and despair by the whole country. Pawan conducted a dummy trial on Friday so that he could get it right and ensure that there are no mistakes on the day of the actual hanging.

Hang Them High!

People are curious to know more about this man who makes a legal and official living by sending people to their deaths! Pawan Jallad has no problems and certainly no moral qualms about sending these four rapists to their deaths at Tihar Jail with the whole nation breathing down his neck. He had already signalled his eagerness to hang these four rapists much earlier when he told the media “It will really give a great sigh of relief to me, to Nirbhaya’s parents and to everyone else in the country when these convicts are hanged. These kinds of people should be hanged.”

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Running in the Family

Morbid as it may sound Pawan Jallad is very good at his job and he credits his family for it. Both his father and grandfather were hangmen at the Meerut Jail and were paid by the government of India to carry out the death sentences over the years. When Pawan Jallad sat down to understand what his true vocation was he didn’t have to spend much time thinking. He could feel his calling in life and it was to execute convicts on the orders of the courts of India.

The Tough Job Pays Poorly

Pawan Jallad’s age is 56 years and he himself has seven children. He has said that he learned the art of hanging convicts by assisting his grandfather and then his father over the years. Obviously he is paid for his services and according to reports he is on a monthly retainer. Pawan Jallad’s salary is not known but some years ago he was being paid Rs. 3,000/- per month to be the official hangman at Meerut Jail. While many have shown distaste at Pawn’s job and wonder how he can live with it, Pawan himself has never felt uneasy about it. He only had some emotions when he performed his first hanging. Since then he has had a philosophical approach to it.

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Pawan Will Do What Needs to be Done!

Pawan Jallad is good at a job that must surely rank as the least wanted job in India. However, everybody in the world has to accept his destiny and Pawan is no exception. While we all want criminals to be punished nobody really wants to do the tough job himself. Pawan Jallad has the courage, conviction and strength to do it. For this, he must definitely be appreciated. Nirbhaya and her family most certainly will!

Pawan Jallad’s Wiki & Salary: The Man Who Will Deliver Justice for Nirbhaya!
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India’s justice system has sentenced to death Nirbhaya’s rapists and they are supposed to be hanged on February 1, 2020, at Tihar Jail. Pawan Jallad is the man who will punish them by sending them to their deaths by a twist of a lever. Only he has the courage to do it.
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