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Yes! This is not a lie, this is true. Our favourite superhero ‘Shaktimaan’ is coming back.

Are you excited?

Yes, before releasing the ‘Shaktimaan’ season 2, Mukesh Khanna and the team are going to release ‘Sorry Shaktiman’ series.

So keep reading to find all the details about the upcoming new series.

First of all, let me introduce about ‘Who was Shaktimaan?’ Yes, yes I know that you guys know every single bit about our 90’s superhero, but I am sharing information for today’s kids who only hears about Shaktimaan yet, but never seen a single episode of it.

The Bit about 90’s Favourite Superhero

Apart from many comics series, ‘Shaktimaan’ was the first superhero series which was aired on television. First Premiered on 13th September 1997 on DD National, it made the biggest mark in the heart of 90’s kids. Kids and elders of every age started watching every episode of it, without missing the same.

It was produced by the Mukesh Khanna and directed by Dinker Jani under the banner Bheeshm International, which is owned by the Mukesh Khanna.

The main characters were Shaktimaan or Gangadhar played by Mukesh Khanna, Geeta Vishwas played by Vaishnavi Mahant and Tamraj Kilvish played by Surendra Pal.

Initially, ‘Shaktimaan’ was aired on Saturday, due to which many kids started bunking their classes to watch the episodes. But, after some time, it started airing on Sunday, on demand of many 90’s kids and parents.

Who was ‘Shaktimaan?’

Shaktimaan was the main Superhero of the series and was introduced to kill the supervillain Tamraj Kilvish. Under the blessing and training of his 7 gurus, he got the supernatural powers.

Besides killing Kilvish, his first aim was to demolish the evil within the people and wake them to follow the Truth. But that was not so easy, because… you may guess! why?

Let us know about some major enemies of Shaktimaan.

Main Enemies of Our Superhero

Tamraj Kilvish: The main villain of the ‘Shaktimaan’ series. He was the prayer of dark, always says ‘Andhera Kayam Rahe,’ and wants to rule all over the world. Also, he was the self-said God. He created many creatures to kill Shaktimaan and also had many slaves under him, who acts on his order.

Dr Jackal: Being a mad scientist, he was one of the favourite slaves of the Tamraj Kilvish. Using his mad mind and dark lab gifted by Kilvish, he created multiple creatures to kill the Shaktimaan.

His main creatures were Kekda Man, Jonk Jonka, Clone Shaktimaan, Plastica etc.

Kapala: One of the Kilvish’s slave, Kapala was a tantrik and knows the black magic. He forges jokes in the period of a fight with Shaktiman, due to his strange sense of humour. He himself had many retainers under him, who works under the instructions of Kapala.

Apart from above three main enemies, there were many more rivals introduced in the series, who wanted to kill the Shaktimaan, like the stone man, electric man, Kashtak, Shalaka, toyman etc.

Chhoti Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein

Years after successful running of the show, the producer of the show Mukesh Khanna initiated a mini educational show, which was scheduled just after the ‘Shaktimaan.’

The name of the show was given as ‘Chhoti Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein.’ The run time of the show was around 10-15 minutes.

The main motto of the show was to cultivate the kids for good manners and behaviours. It teaches different prospects of good and bad habits.

The show presented different types of small storylines, related to the normal life of the children’s. So that every kid relates themselves with the story of the show and learn.

In the show, if any kid misbehaves and did some mistakes, then Shaktimaan used to appear and warns the kids for the same. In the reply, children used to say ‘Sorry Shaktimaan…!!!’

This small phrase ‘Sorry Shaktimaan!’ gave rise to multiple memes, which is being circulated on the internet from that time to till yet.

Take a look at some of the famous memes of ‘Sorry Shaktimaan!’ below:

Sorry Shaktimaan
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Sorry Shaktimaan Memes
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Sorry Shaktimaan

After the success of Shaktimaan’s mini educational show ‘Chhoti Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein,’ the producer of show Mukesh Khanna is going to release a new educational show for today’s kids named ‘Sorry Shaktimaan.’

The show is scheduled to go live from 15th of March, 2019.

Take a look at the teaser of ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’ below:

In collaboration with Majin Films, Bheeshm International is going to bring back our childhood memories.

The respective educational series will cover today’s behavioural or many more issues of the parents and kids.

How to Watch ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’

The series will premiere on 15th March on its official channel of ‘Sorry Shaktimaan.’

To visit the channel, just click here.

‘Shaktimaan:’ Season 2

If you guys saw the teaser of ‘Sorry Shaktimaan,’ you may have got an idea of ‘Shaktimaan’ season 2. In the teaser, Mukesh Khanna aka Gangadhar Shastri tells that there is some more time left in the release of the second season of the ‘Shaktimaan.’

So, we get a clear hint that the next season of the ‘Shaktimaan’ is on the way. But when will it premiere? Let’s see.

Till then let’s watch ‘Sorry Shaktimaan.’

So, what are the issue which you guys have faced and want the Shaktimaan to cover in its new season? Please share it on the comment section below.

Shaktimaan is Back
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‘Shaktimaan’ is Back: Get Ready to Watch 90’s Favourite Super Hero Again
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