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A disturbing trend these days is that even criminals are being glorified by people and admired for their supposed bravado. They are considered role models by misguided youth and it looks like even the media is fascinated by them. One such individual is Sukha Kahlon, a famous gangster from Punjab, who was admired by young people both during his lifetime and after his brutal death. Though he has been dead for more than four years now people are still curious to know Sukha Kahlon’s story and the details of his sudden death. We bring you some details from Sukha Kahlon’s wiki.

Who Killed Sukha Kahlon?

Kahlon lived a dangerous and violent life and he himself died a brutal and violent death. On January 21, 2015, Kahlon was being taken back to the Nabha jail by six cops in a jeep after a court hearing in Jalandhar when he was gunned down by at least 15 unidentified assailants. The assailants were believed to belong to a rival gang and reportedly arrived in two white Toyota Fortuner SUVs and intercepted the police jeep in front of a private school on GT Road in Phagwara. This happened around 4:30 pm and they had covered their faces least they be identified. They took the policemen and another prisoner out of the jeep and then pumped more than 20 bullets into Kahlon.

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He Was a Hardened Criminal

Such was the audacity of the assailants that they even filmed the act and reportedly danced around Kahlon’s body right in front of the policemen. Sukha, whose real name was Sukhbir Singh Kahlwan, was facing around 40 cases all over India at the time of his death. This included two murder cases, seven cases of attempted murder and eight cases of robbery in Punjab and Haryana. Later the Phagwara Superintendent of Police Gursewak Singh Brar said that the incident occurred “within a few minutes” and that the cops “did not get time to react.” The police believed that a Muktsar-based rival gang could be involved.

Sukha Kahlon’s Biography

At the time of his death Sukha was considered the number one gangster in Punjab and referred to as “Sharp shooter” and “Yara da yaar.” Sukha was born on June 21, 1987, in his native village of Kahlwan about 22 km from Kapurthala to a Jatt Sikh family. Kahlon was very fond of foreign countries from a young age but could not go abroad because he was accused by someone of a crime when he was just 17 years of age. He was very fond of going to gyms where he worked on his health. Kahlon got married on October 11, 2008, but later got divorced on December 18, 2014.

Kahlon’s father was named Sudarshan Singh while his mother’s name was Harjinder Kaur. He also had a brother named Sonu. He completed class 10th and later even enrolled in a public school. Kahlon was very fond of carrying weapons and was always ready to help his friends even at a great inconvenience to him.

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From Real Life to Reel Life

Kahlon has become so famous even after his death that recently a movie based on his life has been made. It is about his life and times and is named simply “Shooter.” The Sukha Kahlon movie release date has been confirmed as February 21, 2020, and is produced by Geet MP3/Khush Production and Omjee Star Studios and is eagerly awaited by youth in Punjab. The Sukha Kahlon movie trailer has been released and is creating waves among movie goers in Punjab and Haryana. While some people are against the movie claiming that it glorifies a known and dangerous criminal the makers of the film are saying that they have shot the film just to satisfy people’s curiosity about Kahlon.

A Cool Criminal of Modern Times

Kahlon himself was very fascinated by social media and his Facebook page had more than 50,000 followers at one time. He used to post videos of himself on social media even as he was cooling his heels in jail and this impressed many misdirected and impressionable youth in Punjab. Biopics of controversial people have become a phenomenon of today’s age and Shooter is no exception. What is disturbing is the levels of enthusiasm young people are showing for Kahlon. In these terrible times it is sad that a known and violent gangster is a role model for youth. Still we live in a democracy and Sukha Kahlon will have his say in February 2020!

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