Why did Laxmi Agarwal and Alok Dixit Separate
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The new Hindi feature film Chhapaak is generating huge interest among filmgoers in India and abroad. It stars actress Deepika Padukone as an acid attack victim and is putting the spotlight on real-life acid attack victims whose lives have been damaged by this heinous crime. Chhapaak is specifically based on the life of real-life acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal and tells the fascinating and inspiring truth about her pain and her courageous fight against the cowards who commit such cruel acts. It has also brought her personal life into the open and focused attention on why Laxmi and Alok [her ex-partner] have separated.

Laxmi Agarwal & Alok Breakup

Laxmi was in a relationship with social activist Alok Dixit for a while but they have now separated. They separated in 2015 even though they had a love child, a daughter named Pihu. When they were together there was a lot of media attention on the couple because Laxmi was a famous person whose bravery was acknowledged and admired all over the world. Alok had made the decision that he would not marry Laxmi but have a live-in relationship with her for a reason.

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Laxmi & Alok’s Love Story

At that time he had told the media “We have decided to live together until we die. But we are challenging the society by not getting married. We don’t want people to come to our wedding and comment on Laxmi’s looks. The looks of a bride are most important for people. So we decided to not have any ceremony.” Laxmi was in total agreement with Alok and the couple did what they had made up their mind to do – live together. Fortunately their respective families accepted their decision to not have a proper marriage yet live together as man and woman.

Splashed by Concentrated Acid

People have become curious about what happened to Laxmi and how she became an acid attack victim. The fateful crime that totally damaged Laxmi’s life happened a long time ago and many people had not heard about it. Laxmi was attacked by a trio of men in Delhi in 2005 and concentrated acid was thrown on her face and body. She was just 15 years old at that time. Laxmi Agarwal’s attacker was a 32 year-old man named Naeem Khan, a family acquaintance, who took this dastardly step because she had refused his romantic advances earlier.

Laxmi Fights Back!

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Laxmi’s face and other body parts were severely burnt and damaged in this violent attack. Her story and that of several other acid attack victims became the subject of a series of articles in the Hindustan Times. Laxmi spoke freely about her pain and became the face of acid attack victims in India by starting a grassroots movement to bring to light this terrible tragedy that befalls them. She had so much conviction and courage that the Supreme Court ordered the central and state governments to regulate the sale of acid based on her petition. She also forced the law to take stringent action against the people who damaged innocent girls’ lives by throwing acid over them because of a presumed slight.

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Separated Due to Differences

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Some people have mistaken Alok to be Laxmi Agarwal’s husband but the truth is that they had never been married. People were sad when they heard about the couple’s separation and asked what actually had happened between them? The couple has not spoken to the media about this but according to sources close to them they separated due to some differences between them. Since then Laxmi has had a tough time supporting herself and her daughter as she did not have financial security.

Honored All Across the World

However, Laxmi is known the world over for her formidable courage and her often lonely fight to stop this scourge of acid attacks on young innocent girls and women. She has been given many awards and accolades for the way she has maintained her dignity in the face of unwanted media and legal attention and fought for a better life for herself and other acid attack victims.

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Stop This Insanity Now!

With Chhapaak, the movie, putting the spotlight on Laxmi she is once again in the news and her photos are adorning the pages of several newspapers and magazines. She is using this opportunity to speak for the rights of the acid attack victims in India including their right to have a normal life. Unfortunately Laxmi is struggling to live a good life and does not have any financial security as she has a disfigured face. However, she is fighting her uphill battle with courage and hope, something that she has tons of. Laxmi Agarwal is an inspiration and symbol of the tough fight that society has in front of it to prevent any more such horrific incidents. The next victim could be your sister or daughter!

Why did Laxmi Agarwal and Alok Dixit Separate? Much Admired Love Story Comes to an End!
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