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The Rookie is an American police procedural drama series on television developed by American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the year 2018 by Alexi Hawley. The series was created by ABC Studios and Entertainment One.

The series pursues John Nolan, a man in his forties, who becomes the senior rookie at the Los Angeles police department. In the year 2017, The Rookie series accepted a declaration from ABC, and premiered on October 16, 2018. The Rookie was selected for a full season which consists of 20 episodes in November 2018. In May 2019, ABC decided to renew the series for a second season, which premiered on September 29, 2019. ABC then announced a full second season of The Rookie of 20 episodes.

For a better understanding of The Rookie drama let’s have a brief look at the characters and their journey with The Rookie till now. Nathan Fillion plays John Nolan, a man divorced and closing his construction company after which he shifts to California and became the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Melissa O’Neil plays Lucy Chen, joining The Rookie as a training officer to rebel against her parents though eventually she falls in love with John Nolan. Alyssa Diaz plays Angela Lopez, her character is shown as very strong and she is also a training officer and is attempting to become an investigator.

Titus Makin Jr. plays Jackson West,  a guest role and he is a trainee for Angela and Lucy Chen. Eric Winter as Tim Bradford, often experiments with his trainee, Lucy. Tim is married to wife Isabel, a retired narcotics detective. Tim was shown as a drug addict in the previous season and Sarah Shahi as Jessica Russo is casted as John’s ladylove and is an ex-hostage rescue expert for the FBI, and is currently working as a personal security consultant in The Rookie.

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Lucy Chen In The Rookie 

Does Lucy Chen Die
Photo: Instagram/therookieabc

Melissa O’Neil is the actual name of an actor who is playing the role of Lucy Chen. Melissa was born on July 12, 1988, and is a Canadian singer and actress. In the year 2005, she won the third season of Canadian Idol and she is the first Canadian female who won. Melissa O’Neil started her career in theatre, but switched to television with emphasizing roles in Syfy’s Dark Matter and the CW’s iZombie. In The Rookie Lucy Chen initially joins the troop for an act of revolt against her psychologist parents as an office in training. Lucy Chen was romantically active with John Nolan, however, the two eventually agreed on to end their relationship.

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What Happened to Lucy Chen? Is She Dead?

During the 11th week break, audiences were left with a question in their minds about the destiny of Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neill) on the procedural drama series The Rookie. The major cliffhanger witnesses Lucy was numbed and thrown into a car by her date Caleb. It is super severe, obviously, as show founder Alexi Hawley informed on television. The cliffhanger left Lucy Chen in a really dominant place, and from there it’s really exciting for fans to know what happened next, it’s also very emotional.

In the next episode, the squad was able to track down Lucy’s information and find out where she is.  Caleb buried her underground in an oil barrel. Due lack of oxygen, Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) is forced to administer CPR to revive his colleague who is unconscious. Thankfully, Lucy ultimately was brought to the hospital for recovery under the sharp eye of Tim. Finally, Lucy Chen survived and it has increased viewers’ enthusiasm for the next episodes. The Rookie is now one of the most popular series and it’s always interesting watching it.

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Is Lucy Leaving “The Rookie?” Does Lucy Chen Die?
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Is Lucy Leaving “The Rookie?” Does Lucy Chen Die?
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