What Happened to Mike in Breaking Bad
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Mike Ehrmantraut is a fictional character played by Jonathan Banks in Breaking Bad,  a TV series made by Netflix and a continuation of the original show. The series Breaking Bad has been written and directed by Vince Gilligan. Jonathan Banks is an American actor who was born and raised in Washington. He was brought up by a single mother, Elena Adams Banks who was a secretary in multiple federal government offices. She was also a personal secretary for top Navy officers. He completed his studies from Northwood High School in Silver Spring. A famous actor Kevin Kline was his classmate at Indiana University, Bloomington where both of them participated in The Threepenny Opera.

Jonathan Banks got an opportunity to work with a hair company during his course at Indiana University. He also got a chance for an Australia tour with a hair company, due to this job, Jonathan Banks left his education in the middle of his course. Jonathan was married in the year 1968 and was blessed with one daughter. Unfortunately, this first marriage didn’t last for long and they got divorced in 1970. Jonathan married for the second time in the year 1990 and welcomed healthy twins into the family.

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut In Breaking Bad, a Netflix Series

Jonathan Banks found fame from his character Mike Ehrmantraut from the series  Breaking Bad. Mike Ehrmantraut was a corrupt police officer who was being forced by the police department to quit his job. Subsequently,  he joined the underworld and became the right hand of evil character Gustavo Fring by using his old contacts. In the series, it is shown how he helps his lawyer and old associate, Saul Goodman whom he has known from the past 6 years as a private investigator, cleaner and a fixer. Mike Ehrmantraut’s character was created as a substitute for Saul Goodman as Bob Odenkirk was unavailable for the last four planned seasons of Breaking Bad.

In the series, Breaking Bad Mike is shown as the father of his son Matt who also becomes a police officer but dies in the later episodes. Mike also supported drug trafficking in the series where he meets Jimmy and Walt. Mike occurs briefly in a flashback in the initial scenes of the film El Camine: A Breaking Bad Movie. In that sense, a conversation takes place immediately before Mike and Jesse leave Walt’s meth job, where Jesse asks Mike where he would go if he could start over. Mike says if he got this chance and was young he would go to Alaska, Jesse too finds his idea appealing. Jesse conveys his intention to make amends for earlier wrongs by accomplishing stuff but Mike warns him that starting over will be foolish now.

Is Mike Ehrmantraut Dead in Breaking Bad Series? Who Killed Mike?

Yes, Mike Ehrmantraut’s character is dead in the American drama Breaking Bad. The most surprising thing for viewers was how Mike Ehrmantraut let Walt kill him so easily? From the very beginning of the series, it is shown that Mike does not like Walt nor does he like to work with him. Mike always blames Walt for ruining his life, However despite all these things Mike helps Walt to set up his drug empire.

The death of Mike’s character in Breaking Bad is totally pointless as there was no justification for protecting something or someone. Walt killed Mike just because he pissed him off, pretty much. Mike gave up easily because nothing was left for  him, his granddaughter whom he loved so much left him without saying goodbye. Breaking Bad is one of the most interesting and unpredictable series, as the death of Mike was shocking for its viewers. As always all these twists and turns have again grabbed the audience.

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Jonathan Banks played the character of Mike Ehrmantraut in American drama Breaking Bad. He played the role of a corrupt policeman who got murdered by his partner later.
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