What Happened to Shannon Bream
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Shannon Bream is an American journalist in Fox News. Shannon Bream was born on December 23, 1970, in Florida. She was brought up by a strict mother and her father was a police officer. She shared how there were strict rules at her place, especially how secular music was impermissible at her home. She used to visit Church with her parents and had also attended Christian school. Shannon Bream completed her degree in business in 1993 from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. During her education at Liberty University, she won the crown as Miss Virginia in 1990 and also participated in the Miss America 1991 pageant. Much of Shannon Bream’s education was covered by her scholarship awards.

After the completion of graduation, Shannon Bream took admission in Law School at Florida State University and while doing her law she again won Miss Florida, U.S.A. Pageant in the year 1995 and grabbed the fourth position in Miss USA 1995 pageant. Shannon Bream got married to her college time lover Sheldon Bream in the year 1995. She said that before meeting Sheldon they both were dating other people and there was one common friend who always tried to put them together. That is how they met and fell in love. Shannon Bream’s husband Sheldon Bream is a brother of retired Major League baseball player Sid Bream.

Shannon Bream’s Career: Fox News Channel & Good Earnings

Shannon Bream began her law career in the year 1996 after completing her law school. However, her attraction towards journalism made her change her career from lawyer to television news anchor. In 2001, Shannon Bream moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and joined CBS subsidiary WBTV as their evening and late news reporter. After three years of hard work,  she got an opportunity to work with NBC’s WRC-TV subsidiary in Washington D.C as the weekend thanks giver.

While at WRC-TV she met the editor-in-chief of the Fox News Channel, Mr. Brit Hume who encouraged her to send an audio sample to Fox News and that’s how she joined Fox News in 2007. Shannon Bream’s career growth was high after she joined Fox News, she is not only praised by viewers but also by crew members whomever she has worked with. Shannon Bream earns a good amount of money, according to reports her annual earnings touches $800,000 and her net worth is around $4.0 million.

What Happened to Shannon Bream?

Where is Shannon Bream This Week
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Shannon Bream went through a terrible time in her 40’s where she had to battle with an eye disease. Her chronic pain started in the early months of the year 2010, when one night she felt as if someone was tickling her eyeball with a hot poker. After some days she experienced the pain nearly all the time along with double vision. She started ignoring her friends and family because she didn’t know how to explain to them what she was going through. She said only her husband has a clue about how she suffered and was a big support to her in those days.

Her pain lasted for two years as some of the doctors said there is no cure for the disease.  Fortunately, she found one doctor who was able to diagnose her and with the same doctor Shannon underwent eye surgery. Today her eyes are not only perfectly fine but 95 percent better than before. Not only this but Shannon also has to answer her relatives and friends regarding her decision to be childless. She said for her career is for most priority and she is enjoying her life the way it is.

Fox News @Night

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Fox News Channel broadcasts a live show which is scheduled on weekdays from Monday to Friday at 11 p.m to 12 p.m. The program is part of the channel from October 30, 2017. Shannon Bream hosts the show. Shannon Bream opens the show by sharing the top three news items of the night. Viewers get complete information about reports from the field, interview with newsmakers and opinions from panels on one platform. The show is doing really well and is being appreciated from every corner of the world. Shannon Bream is a great personality and despite the problems she faced in her personal life, she never gave up. She stood strong and fought her battle with grace and a smile.

What Happened to Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream?
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