Valentine’s day is the day of Love, and lovers in the whole world will gave flowers (especially rose), gifts, chocolates etc. to their loved ones. This day (14 February) is celebrated all over the world enthusiastically. People in the whole world wait for this day from the starting of February very eagerly but very rarely people knows about the History of Valentine's day.

In the third Century, there was a very Polite Christian Martyr Valentinus, and the Roman King was Claudius II. Claudius was a ruthless ruler he had made very unbearable rules for Romans. He made the law and ordered to implement that all the young men had to become a soldier and none of them had to marry.

Valentine realized that the law implemented by Claudius II is an injustice for the Rome people. So, Valentine started helping young Boy and Girl those who love each other in secret. When King knows about it he ordered to put the Valentinus to death. When he was in jail he started loving the Jailor’s daughter. He falls in love with her, when she was visiting the jail to meet imprisons. One day before his death, he wrote a letter on that evening and signed as “From my Valentine.” After his death, her daughter Julia planted an Almond tree which is a symbol of Love.

First day of the week (Rose Day)

The first day of the week is celebrated as the Rose Day. It is celebrated on 7 February. Rose is the symbol of love. Its Fragrance makes realize how much someone loves his/her girlfriend or boyfriend. It mixes sweetness in a relationship and makes the relationship more strong. Different types of roses give different messages like if you give a yellow rose, then it shows the friendship. If you give a Single Red Rose it indicates that you are thanking your special one for being in his/her life. You all should give a white rose to your Parents which indicate Purity and Truthfulness.

There is a myth story for celebrating Rose Day. The word Rose, if we see it carefully it can be arranged as “EROS”. She is the god of love. Red Rose is the favourite flower of the Goddess Venus.

Happy Rose Day

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Second day of the week (Propose Day)

Propose day is the second day of the valentine week. It is celebrated on 8 February. On this day lovers show their feeling to their loved ones. Young couples show their loves and commitment to their loved ones. Every age group celebrates this day in a different manner. On this day youngsters buy different gifts, greetings etc. for their loved ones. Boys plan candlelit dinner and girl wants to spend time with their lovers.

Happy Propose Day

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Third day of the week (Chocolate Day)

After Propose day the next day is Chocolate Day. Chocolate day is the third day of the valentine week. It is celebrated on 9 February. After successful celebration of Rose Day and Propose day, the next day keeps special importance, because the gifts and Rose are on one side but chocolates have a very special value because that satisfy our stomach and gives a good taste to our tongue.

Fourth day of the week (Teddy Day)

An American President Theodore Roosevelt went to Bear hunting trip on 1902. He was invited by Andrew H. Longino. Roosevelt assistant Holt Collier tied a Black Bear to a Tree. They called Roosevelt and asked to shoot the Bear but he refused to kill the Bear, founding it unfair with the Bear. This news spread very fast in the whole country that President refused to kill the Bear.

A candy shop owner saw a cartoon in the newspaper about the President news. He and his wife decided to make Stuffed toy of Bear and dedicate it to the President. He called it “Teddy Bear.”

In this way, in the whole world, Teddy Bear gifting become Popular. Normally Youngsters gift the Teddy to each other. Girls like to keep teddy in their rooms for decoration.

Happy Teddy Day

Fifth day of the week (Promise Day)

It is the fifth day of Valentine week which is celebrated all around the world. On this day couples promise that they will become of each other for whole life. Normally this day is celebrated all around the world. They also promise to take care of each other, to give attention to each other etc.

Happy Promise Day

Sixth day of the week (Hug Day)

Hug day was created by Kevin Zaborney and celebrated in many countries. This day was first celebrated in Clio, Michigan, USA in the month of January 21 and every year it is celebrated on 21st only. On this day everyone hugs each other, so as to increase love and affection for each other and to remove racism from society.

Seventh day of the week (Kiss Day)

On this day couples kiss each other and show love among themselves. Kissing each other gives the feeling that both are made for each other. Kissing on forehead tells about caring towards a lover. Some common types of kisses are French kiss, lip to lip kiss etc.

Valentine day

On this day, lovers send romantic messages to each other. Friends are being called and wished on this day. Lover spends time with each other on this day.

Happy Valentines Day
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