Kiss, the most practical way of burning the intimacy and sexual desire of a couple. It’s also the most effective way of showing love towards someone special.

According to love experts, a kiss is the most important part of love. Two souls can live without s*x but can’t live without a kiss.

But, lip to lip kiss is not only the one type of kiss to express the love towards someone, but there are also multiple types of kiss which we are going to discuss on this article. So peeps, keep reading to know more.

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How Many Types of Kisses are There?

Cheek Kiss

A soft touch on partners cheeks by your lips making them feel that you want to know them in a better way.

Happy Kiss Day Cheek Kiss

Forehead Kiss

Forehead kiss means you care about them.

Happy Kiss Day Forehead Kiss

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Hand Kiss

This kiss may impress a girl while proposing her. Hold her hands and kiss her hands.

Kiss Day Wishes Hand Kiss

French Kiss

The most heartwarming kiss. Topmost favourite kiss of the lovers. Just in a minute, it will light up the mood of your partner. Start it by tilting your head and lock the lips of your partner and slowly reach your partner’s tongue and feel the emotions.


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Lizzy Kiss

Called lizard kiss. Stick out your tongue and kiss your partner’s tongue without the help of lips. It’s nice for the lovers who like high intimacy as to some it feels dirty. Make sure to see the comfort of your partner or it may ruin your day.


Ice Kiss

Hold a cube of ice between your lips and start kissing your partner. Kiss them till the ice melts.

Nibble Kiss

Kiss on the lower lip with soft gentle bite by your lips to your partner.


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Butterfly Kiss

It’s something different to try. Flutter your eyelashes and kiss your partner and watch your partner blushing.

Lip Gloss Kiss

Tint your lips with some flavoured lip gloss and kiss each other and guess the flavour of your partner’s gloss.


Earlobe Kiss

The sexiest and sensual kiss it will just seduce your partner to drive them sexier. Softly kiss the ear lobe of your partner and suck it.


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Air Kiss

Formal kind of kiss. Generally done to geet your dear ones. Just rest on cheeks of the partner and make the sound of kissing.


Sugar Kiss

Apply sugar on your lips and slowly kiss your partner until they melt. You can use marshmallow, chocolate, ice cream, etc.


Drink Kiss

one partner just takes on a sip of the drink in your mouth and pour it in others partner mouth. Take a small sip as it may spill.


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Underwater Kiss

If you and your partner know how to swim and stay underwater for a few seconds. This will be the most sexual adventure of your life. Just hold your breath underwater and kiss your partner.


Eskimo Kiss

Rub your nose of your partner in back and forth motion.

Candy Kiss

Both of the partners pop in each other favourite candies and exchange them while french kissing.

Vampire Kiss

Most wild kiss type. Kiss deeply on the neck of your partner’s neck and suck the area and bite it.


Wet Kiss

Open mouth kiss and not preferred by everyone. It can be done with or without using the tongue.


Chin Kiss

Simple kiss. Hold your partner’s chin and kiss them gently.

Vacuum Kiss

Sucking kiss. Suck the air from each other’s mouth by creating a vacuum.

Spiderman Kiss

The face of the partner needs to be upside down so that your upper lip kisses lower lip of your partner and vice versa. This style is unique and easy.


American kiss: deep kissing bit without the use of your tongue. Hold your lady partner from her waist and kiss her gently and make the moment more erotic.

Single Kiss

Sandwich partners lip between yours and keep sucking to feel more romantic

Finger Kiss

Kiss your partner’s finger and make them know that each part of your body is better than the last.

Eye Kiss

Kiss on partners eye to make her know that you feel closer to her.

Foot Kiss

For knowing that her feet are sweet.


Shoulder Kiss

Makes you know that person like being close to you.

Hickey Kiss

Suck your partners neck with gentle lips.


Fruit Kiss

Just hold any fruit in between the lips and ask your partner to shift the fruit to their mouth.

Belly Button Kiss

The belly button is the most sensitive area. Suck the belly button area and arouse your sex drive between both of you.

Lipstick Kiss

Put lipstick and kiss your sweetheart on the cheek and leave a lips impression to remember the beautiful moment.

Body Kisses

Gently kiss the body parts of your partner.

Blow Kiss

Generally used to seduce boys. No contact is made between the partners, only “muaa muaa” sound is involve in it.


Best Kiss for Your Girl

American kiss

Ice kiss

Nibble kiss

Butterfly kiss

Best Kiss for Man

Sugar kiss

Underwater kiss

Drink kiss

Vacuum kiss

Candy kiss

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