Adriana Lima Joins the Fight Against COVID 19 Glam Style
Photo: Instagram/adrianalima

Adriana Lima looks exotic. Adriana Lima is exotic. Why not, after all, she is of Portuguese, Native Brazilian, Swiss, African, Japanese and West Indian descent. Whew! She considers herself as an Afro-Brazilian. Either way, she is among the most stunning looking women you will ever see in your life on planet Earth. What’s more, she can speak four languages namely her native Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and good old English! So the conversation is not a problem if you can measure up to her. That’s when most of the males in the world have a problem.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

Who is Adriana Lima

Adrian Lima has walked the ramp for the best designers in the world all over the world and has also endorsed products that went on to sell a lot more after her association with them. She has earned millions of dollars every year for the last two decades thanks to her fantastic career as a supermodel. The title supermodel is used very lightly these days but if there is a woman who truly is a supermodel then she is surely Adriana Lima.

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She’s Only Human

Those who can’t get enough of her must check out her Instagram account which has pictures of her and her interests. There is one area where Lima has proved herself to be just as human as the girl or woman next to her. She too is susceptible to the dreaded Coronavirus and is taking precautions to stay away from the pandemic that has engulfed a large part of the world.

Fighting Hard, Fighting Gritty

Lima recently appeared on the cover of the Arabian Vogue and did her bit to raise awareness of the Coronavirus and how important it was to stay right at home to beat the pandemic from claiming more lives. She is supporting Vogue Arabia’s fight against COVID-19 and promoting its #stayhome campaign by lending her considerable star power to it. She is telling everyone to be one against the virus as everybody is #strongertogether when they fight together.

A Beauty with Tons of Brains

Adriana Lima
Photo: Instagram/adrianalima

Lima is not the average glamour girl with only looks to her credit. She is intelligent, smart, ethical, practical and caring as well. That’s why she has taken the opportunity to do something for the people and raise awareness about the pandemic. The pretty-model-with-no-brains concept is just a cliché spread by people jealous of women who make a living using their looks. There isn’t one like that anywhere in real life. Adriana Lima certainly isn’t. She is as sharp as they come and her being at the forefront of popular fashion for the last two decades is further proof of that.

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Adriana Lima Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 Glam Style!
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Adriana Lima Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 Glam Style!
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Adriana Lima has been at the top of the modeling world for over two decades and still looks as ravishing and alluring as ever. She is fighting the specter of COVID-19 in her way and raising awareness about the disease which is killing thousands of people every day.
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