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Of late there has been a lot of speculation about Alex Newell’s gender. People have been asking this question to themselves and each other which is “Is Alex Newell trans or gay?”  No one seems to know for sure but we will surely dig for the truth and give you the right answer. Who is Alex Newell and why is everybody curious about his sexuality? Alex Newell is an American actor and singer who is best known for playing the part of the character Unique Adams on the musical series Glee. He is currently playing the part of Mo, a genderfluid DJ, in NBC’s musical dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and winning a ton of accolades for his performance.

Curiosity Surrounds Newell’s Sexuality

Fans of Alex Newell love his portrayal of Mo and he has become one of the major selling points of this successful series. While the character’s sexuality is well known and a lot of people love him Newell’s real-life sexuality is not known to many people. This is despite the fact that Newell has never hidden it and has openly talked about it to the media. However, with his soaring popularity it is no longer possible for it to be not known to his fans and curious observers.

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Times They are A-Changing

Some of the people have seen him on the TV and after realizing that he has a boy’s name have asked the question is Alex Newell gay? So what is the truth and why do so many people want to know Newell’s sexual orientation? It’s just the sign of the times we live in. Every person who is working in any high profile industry like entertainment is being put under the microscope and his or her personal life is being talked about by fans and critics alike. Sexuality has moved out of the closet and is the topic of discussion all across America these days. There is a new freedom for people who can now be unafraid and talk about their sexuality openly no matter how different and complicated it is.

He Started Out as a Boy

Is Alex Newell Trans or Gay
Photo: Instagram/thealexnewell

So coming to the million dollar question of what is Alex Newell’s sexuality here is the answer that will put everyone’s mind at rest. Newell was born as a boy on August 20, 1992, in Lynn, Massachusetts. He studied at a high school and during all this time he was treated and considered a boy. Somewhere along the way things changed and then Newell started identifying himself as a “cis gender nonconforming gay man.” Today he is 27 years old and has no problem accepting his sexuality though he went through a lot of mental anguish and emotional distress as he was coming to terms with his sexuality.

Winning Against All Odds

Thankfully he was able to sort out his confusion and found peace when he realized what his sexuality was. Thanks to his acceptance he has been working very hard and is winning accolades everywhere for his singing and acting. He considers Donna Summers, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Beyoncé as his biggest influences who inspired him to become a singer and actor. Right now Newell is on a roll with excellent performances on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist where he plays Mo, the protagonist’s next-door neighbor. Despite all the pressures of being a non-conformist as far as his sexuality is concerned Newell has been able to make a mark and achieve success in his career. He is just 27 years old and the whole world is there for his taking!

Alex Newell’s Gender: Is Alex Newell Trans or Gay?
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Alex Newell’s Gender: Is Alex Newell Trans or Gay?
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Alex Newell has done a great job in every singing and acting assignment that he has been given in his career. Today he is a big draw and appears on the hit musical show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist which is winning him rave reviews. People are also curious to know about his real-life sexuality.
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