Danielle Atkin Wardrobe Malfunction
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Imagine you are on TV and the camera is focused on you. The whole world is watching the show you are on. As you face the camera something terrible happens. Your dress slips off and your private parts can be seen. You are oblivious of what has happened [They call this a Wardrobe Malfunction]. You carry on regardless totally unaware that the whole world watching this show can see a part of you that is not meant for public consumption. You find out later after the camera stops rolling what happened. What do you do then? There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! The world is still gaping at the screen with their mouths open and you wish the earth would rip open and you would just sink inside.

The Famous Danielle Atkin Wardrobe Malfunction

This is what a wardrobe malfunction is and the people mostly women who have suffered it want nothing more than the world to forget what happened so that they could move on. This is what happened to the famous model Danielle Atkin some years ago when she was a presenter and host on a TV show. That incident is still fresh in people’s minds because Atkins is a beautiful woman that no one can forget once they have seen her. We will tell you all we know about the famous Danielle Atkin wardrobe malfunction right here.

Everybody Gets a Peek!

Atkins was a presenter on the Australian version of the show The Price is Right when the unthinkable and for all males the unforgettable happened! Atkin was live on TV and was holding her arms out to welcome the show’s host Larry Emdur striding out onto the set when the top of her dress slid down and exposed her left nipple. The crowd behind her was going wild and did not notice it because her back was facing them. Atkin did not notice it and carried on enthusiastically even as all the TV viewers could not believe their eyes at the view of Atkin’s bosom that they got without any warning.

The Nip Slip That Charged Up a Nation!

This happened on the show in 2003 but the clip has resurfaced recently and people are going down memory lane to remember how stunningly beautiful Danielle Atkin was at that time. She still is stunning and can’t quite forget what happened on the set that day. She can’t get over the fact that she had mistakenly exposed herself to the nation and to be fair neither can the nation forget it. The clip was shared by people all over Australia and even abroad. Some people slowed down the clip and paused at the critical moment when the nipple was visible in all its glory. It was truly an embarrassing moment for family audiences though no male between the ages of 9-90 was complaining about The Price is Right nip slip.

The Beautiful Girl Everybody Loves

This must have been the biggest Danielle Atkin blooper ever and something she had to live down all her professional life. Though “model wardrobe fails” has happened to a lot of people especially in showbiz it never fails to create wild excitement among the viewers both in the live studio or set and the people watching at home. On the contrary, it brightens up an otherwise ordinary and boring day. That’s what happened that day back in 2003 when Danielle Atkin’s wardrobe malfunction became the most exciting event of the day in Australia. Some young boys were heard saying “There is a God!” Just joking! Though this clip must have been seen so many times ad nauseam it is still circulating and raising temperatures everywhere. That’s because the girl in the picture is the always beautiful Danielle Atkin!

Danielle Atkin’s Wardrobe Malfunction: The Priceless Moment on “The Price is Right!”
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Danielle Atkin’s Wardrobe Malfunction: The Priceless Moment on “The Price is Right!”
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The sight of model Danielle Atkin’s nipple brightened up an otherwise dull day for millions of TV viewers back in 2003 when they were watching the show The Price is Right. People still remember the nip slip and the clip of the 2003 incident is still circulating even after almost two decades.
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