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Everybody is talking about the brutal catfight that happened between DJ Drama’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Debakii and his side chick Chantal on Sunday, February 16, 2020. It seems that Chantal got the crap beaten out of her as she spoke to the media while sporting a big black eye courtesy Debakii. This drama has gripped the curiosity of people especially fans of the rapper who want to know more about DJ Drama’s girlfriend, the violent Debakii! After all it’s not every day that two sexy women have a go at each other that to for a man who is not making a commitment to either of them. Here are a few details from Debakii’s wiki.

Her Past is a Secret

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Debakii is not her real name but she prefers to be called by this moniker. She has not revealed as yet what her real name is and is keeping this a secret from everyone. Debakii’s exact age is not known but she is believed to be in her late 20s. Nothing is known about Debakii’s family or her education as she does not like talking about her past. She has achieved fame because she is DJ Drama’s sporadic girlfriend and a very active person on social media.

She’s Too Sexy for Milan!

Debakii’s Instagram account has over 145,000 followers as of 2019. Now with all this drama about her beating up rival Chantal her popularity is sure to go higher. Debakii is known to post her own pictures on her social media accounts. She may not talk about her past and personal life much but she sure likes to show off her Latina figure at every given and even seized opportunity. She has also posted her nude pictures some times that have had her fans in an uproar. The girl sure knows how to send the mercury up when she walks into a room full of panting males who can’t take their eyes off her voluptuous figure.

Did She Do It or Not?

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One sore point for Debakii is that she is always being accused of undergoing plastic surgery though she has not spoken about it. There are Debakii’s photos floating around on the Internet which claim to be her pre-surgery and post-surgery pictures of her. However, nobody really knows if and when Devakii has gone under the surgeon’s knife even though some of her detractors have been quite vocal about it.

A Passionate but Volatile Relationship

When Debakii first came into the limelight she did not have any money but according to sources Debakii’s net worth now is a good $50,000 and growing. All people know is that Debakii is an American and has black ethnicity. Debakii’s relationship with DJ Drama continues to confound people. In the past, she has accused him of beating her up and accused him of domestic abuse. However, she still sticks to him and her recent fight with Chantal proves that she still has deep passionate feelings for her boyfriend.

During her good days with DJ Drama she has gone on vacation with him to exotic places like Turks and Caicos. She has shared photos of their fun time together but later has shown what she claimed to be photos showing injury marks on her face and neck where DJ Drama allegedly hit her. The whole affair is like a rollercoaster with her passion for self-promotion carrying on unabated. Obviously the tabloids are thrilled as Debakii is practically a source of income for their yellow journalism.

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over!

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Now with her latest escapade Debakii has proved that she still matters when it comes to the personal life of DJ Drama. After watching the thrashing that Chantal got any girl will surely think twice before cozying up to her irresponsible boyfriend. The drama is not yet over as Debakii is still very angry at DJ Drama for dumping her and having a good time with other girls in his life. May the real-life drama continue!

Debakii’s Wiki: Facts about DJ Drama’s Girlfriend
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Debakii’s Wiki: Facts about DJ Drama’s Girlfriend
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DJ Drama was having a good time with current side chick Chantal when the unthinkable happened. His volatile girlfriend Debakii got angry and manhandled Chantal giving her few bruises and a black eye in the process. Now Chantal is licking her wounds while Debakii is feeling on top of the world.
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