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Gaming fans who are addicted to the YouTube channel GamingWithJen are wondering if the news they are hearing of Pat and Jen having broken up is true or not. They are in a daze and are asking questions like are Pat and Jen still married? And did Pat and Jen divorce? They are so used to seeing Pat and Jen together on YouTube that they are having a problem accepting what seems to be true news. That Pat and Jen in real life have broken up. They are not still together!

Why Did Pat & Jen Break Up?

On May 25, 2019, Pat uploaded a video titled “We are breaking up” and announced their split publicly. Before this categorical announcement there were rumors circulating that the couple were indeed separating. So why did Pat and Jen break up? According to Pat’s YouTube video, he and Jen had decided to separate for several reasons. Chief among them was that Jen wanted to have children while Pat did not. Pat said that while they would continue to make videos together, they would no longer live together. They would get on with their lives and would see other people.

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A Marriage Born of Love

Jen was married to Pat for almost four years until they divorced recently after agreeing to separate. Jen met Patrick [Pat] in 2010 and dated him for five years. After getting engaged they delayed their marriage for almost 10 months before finally getting hitched in 2015. Jennifer Flagg [Jen] married Patrick Brown [Pat] and lived with him in Florida for a while before he shifted home.

Jen is an Enthusiastic Gamer

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Jennifer Flagg passed out from a high school in Hartford, Connecticut. She got hooked to games and gaming at a young age and then decided to make a career out of it. She specializes in the game “Minecraft” and shared a YouTube channel with Pat known as “PopularMMOs.” She is known to pursue winning at any cost and is a scary competitor. She is very popular with his fans who adored the real life couple.

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Jen’s other nickname is SuperGirlyGamer and she likes tough tasks, high gaming levels and gaming competitions. Her fans often say that she makes an invincible team with Pat. This is why they have taken their split in real life so hard. For a long time Pat and Jen appeared inseparable but all that changed on May 25, 2019, when Pat announced their split in a much watched video that he uploaded.

They Met at High School

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Pat and Jen met in high school when they were both working for an animal shelter. They spent some time together only to pleasantly discover that they were in love with each other. They also discovered another thing about each other which was that they both had a passion for gaming. Voila! A star couple was born! Sometime after announcing their breakup Pat wrote a message on Twitter to all their fans and tweeted:

“Live your life to be happy guys, even if it’s hard or makes you feel uncomfortable.”

News is Sad but True!

People were upset and many wrote back with messages like “I don’t believe it” or “This can’t be true” but the sad news is really true. Pat and Jen have really broken up and now they are even divorced. However, they parting happened with care and dignity so there were no ugly scenes in public which would have definitely troubled their numerous fans. So the pressure of family life has claimed another famous couple. The only saving grace is that Pat and Jen will continue to make videos together even though they will live separate personal lives. Such is life!

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Did Pat and Jen Break Up? Or, are Pat and Jen Still Married?
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Did Pat and Jen Break Up? Or, are Pat and Jen Still Married?
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