Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a Modern Day Sage
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The dreaded COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to stay indoors and make sure that they and their families do not venture outside under any circumstances. They are finding it hard to stay at home as most people are used to going out every day either for work, education and social visits. Tough though it may be staying at home and social distancing are the only ways that we can get together in spirit and defeat this virus that has killed more than 100,000 people all over the world.

As Vulnerable as Anybody Else


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What are my favorite lifts in the gym? And why am I always talking in the gym and not posting my workouts? My favorite lifts are all of ‘em – full body – and always focusing on my lower body – my foundation – quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Don’t skip leg day, men. And I recommend taking written inventory on your training/fitness goals so when you’re back up and training full capacity you have a clear vision of your goals and pathway to accomplish them. And I don’t post my workouts, because I’m sensitive to millions of you around the world who aren’t able to train in your local gyms and you’re stuck at home. I’d feel like an asshole and it ain’t my style. Just know I’m working extremely hard and I want all of you to get back to working out ASAP too. Thanks for your great questions and keep ‘em coming. Stay healthy, my friends. #rage

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These rules apply to everyone even to a strong and larger life-than-life figure like Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. The Rock needs no introduction for anyone his being one of the most recognizable faces in the whole world. The Rock is under quarantine as well proving that in real life he is just as human and vulnerable to disease just like the man next to him. Though he may defy death and villains in his action movies in real life he has to follow the same rules as everyone to escape being affected by the COVID-19 infection.

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How is The Rock Doing?

Some curious people have asked how he and his wife Lauran Hashian [maiden name] are doing while being cooped up in their home with each other and their two children. Does The Rock handle domesticity with the same skill and élan as he demolishes the bad guys in his adventure and action epics? The Rock is a great guy and proves that he is a sweet guy by giving an honest answer about how he and his wife are handling the tension of lounging around in their home with no way to go out.

Understanding Each Other is the Key


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@laurenhashianofficial and I are doing our best during these stressful times. We realized kinda quickly how critical it was for us to be ultra considerate, caring and empathetic of one another. Be even better listeners. Even better communicators. Recognize that during these times, we’re not operating at full brain & emotional EQ capacity as we usually are. You’re gonna get snippy, short tempered and you guys may erupt at each other over some silly shit like we did. When that happens, grab your partner by the shoulders, like I grabbed Lauren. Look them directly in the eyes and say with full 💯 conviction, “baby, you’re not wrong…. you’re just not used to being right” and then count the seconds it takes for you both to belly laugh your assess off. Then sip some @teremana later that night and make some more babies. You’re welcome 😉🥃 Stay healthy, my friends. Dr. Rock

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The Rock has said through his Instagram post that they quickly realized how important it was for him and Lauren to be ultra-considerate, patient, calm and even philosophical during these stressful times. He said that they were trying hard to be good listeners, empathetic and caring towards each other and resolving their differences through talking and understanding each other’s psychology. He joked that when he and Lauren fought he would grab his wife by her shoulders and say that she was not wrong but was not used to being right as well. A back-ended compliment if ever there was one but it sure made Lauren smile and the anger to dissipate.

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A Sense of Humor is a Powerful Weapon

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock
Photo: Instagram/therock

The Rock was in a good mood and wished all his fans the best and told them to be cool under all circumstances and take care of themselves and each other during these trying times. The Rock is not only tough he is also uber-cool. No wonder he is so popular all over the world, especially among kids. The quarantine is making us all hot and bothered but we would all do well to follow The Rock’s sage advice of keeping our cool and looking at everything with a sense of humor!

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a Modern Day Sage!
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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a Modern Day Sage!
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The Rock is also stuck at home with his wife and kids just like the millions of other people thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but is handling the tense situation much better than most people. He is employing his formidable sense of humor to keep peace at the marriage front!
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