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The ambition and busyness we see in today’s world have both good and undesired qualities. While it is true that all people should be meaningfully employed in the pursuits of their interest it is also true that relationships are being negatively affected by it. People in relationships both married and unmarried find it difficult to give time to their partners and this results in a loss in the quality of lives they lead. However, technology can help as it can cut through distances and bring people together with the help of communication. At the same time if you get too addicted to technology then you again end up in the trap of not spending enough time with your specific partner.

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Emily DiDonato has this problem and is using technology to solve it. Who is Emily DiDonato? Emily DiDonato is an American model born on February 24, 1991, which makes her 29-years old. She is a stunner and has appeared in advertising campaigns for big names like Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Longchamp, Gap, Aldo, Guess, and Juicy Couture. She has also walked the ramp for famous designers like Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Giles Deacon, and rag+bone. She is an ambitious woman and hopes to act in films one day.

Technology is a Life-Saver!


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Anyone else need to send a calendar invite to their instagram husband to get them to do their job or is it just mine? 😉 🤔

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At the same time, she has not neglected her personal life, and since July 2018 is married to financier Kyle Peterson. However, since both of them are very busy with their careers they get very little time to spend with each other. Technology is aiding them in their efforts to solve this problem and DiDonato is using Instagram to do it. In a recent post on her Instagram account, DiDonato wrote that she has been reduced to sending calendar invites to her husband Peterson to make him do his job. She is wondering if she is the only person with this problem or other women too have trouble getting their partners to focus on their relationships.

Relationships are Life Sustaining


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DiDonato is smiling and showing that it is a small matter and is even a bit amusing but the truth is that it is not. People should take their relationships very seriously because real-life people who are in our lives are the most important to us. Careers and other vocations are very important but it is the good relationships we have with the people in our personal lives that sustain us. So we should give priority to them and not put them on the back-burner as most of us do. We must solve all the problems in our relationships and make sure that they nourish us. Emily DiDonato is bringing this important fact to life in an amusing manner but the writing is on the wall. We must value our relationships a lot more than we are doing now!

Emily DiDonato is Using Technology to Manage her Relationship!
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Emily DiDonato is Using Technology to Manage her Relationship!
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Emily DiDonato’s husband Kyle Peterson is a busy man and not easy to get hold of. So DiDonato is using Instagram to connect with him and sharing her plight with her fans and admirers. She is lamenting her problem which is also most other people’s problem.
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