Gigi Gorgeous
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Gigi Gorgeous is a popular Canadian YouTuber.  Her real name is Giselle Loren Lazzarato Getty. She was born on April 20, 1992, in Los Angeles, California.

She is a Trailblazing Social Creator Award winner who was just 27 years old when she started earning name and fame.

Gigi Gorgeous is a Transgender YouTuber

Gigi Gorgeous is a multi-talented actress who is one of the most popular internet personalities. She announced in December 2013 that she is transgender woman. Being born as a man, Gigi later transformed into a gorgeous woman. Her transition has become an inspiration for everyone and she has made people aware of transgender and LGBT issues by using her internet celebrity status.

Gigi Gorgeous Posted Home Quarantine on Twitter

Gigi Gorgeous is very active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. More than 291.3 K followers follow her on Twitter. She recently posted celebrating the National Sibling Day on Twitter as well as how she is spending her time in quarantine time. She shared her photo on social media platforms and told how she is spending her quarantine time with her spouse Nats Getty at home. She looks very happy and gorgeous in that photo where she is playing with water in the garden and her spouse is looking at a Rainbow. She wrote in the caption:

“After every storm comes a rainbow”

which everyone liked a lot.

Gigi Gorgeous Quarantine Glam

Gigi Gorgeous is very active on YouTube. Her account on YouTube has 2.88 million subscribers and 492.5 million total views. She recently uploaded a video on YouTube about Quarantine gloom. She happily welcomed all her fans in the video. She made the video because the fans commented in a recent Instagram post that what do you do in quarantine time? In this video, she told her fans that her quarantine time was going on very well. She watches TV and talks to her friends and spends a lot of time with her loved ones.

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After that, she showed herself doing makeup. First she showed her ponytail and then she applied SILK CANVAS markup. Then she showed her small little bugs earring while applying her HOURGLASS foundation on her face. Then she applied concealer on her face and then applied Fenty Beauty face powder. Then she put the Mini Controversy eye shadow as well as liquid eyeliner. Then she applied the lip liner of the Haus Laboratories to her lips then she applied her favorite Artist Couture lipstick.

Gigi Gorgeous Celebrated the National Sibling Day


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Gigi Gorgeous wishes Happy National Sibling Day while sharing a photo on Instagram. She also expressed love towards Adam and Cory and thanked them for loving her crazy self through all these years. Cory Binney is the half-sibling of the famous drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck. After meeting the first time at a club they began dating each other in October 2014. Unfortunately, some time later they had a breakup in May 2015. After a few days of moping around, Gigi started dating Nats Getty. On July 12, 2019, they married each other in a private ceremony.

“Gigi Gorgeous” Enjoys Quality Me-Time During Self Quarantine
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“Gigi Gorgeous” Enjoys Quality Me-Time During Self Quarantine
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Giselle Loren Lazzarato Getty is a popular Canadian YouTuber. Her professional name is Gigi Gorgeous. She is a well-known YouTuber, model and actress. She is a transgender. She uploaded videos about vlogs, fashion, and lifestyle on YouTube which led to her becoming a celebrity.
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