Is Arkansas Mo from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Dead

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta continues to be exciting and unpredictable even in its ninth season which premiered on March 16, 2020, on VH1. The show has been very popular in its last eight seasons which is why the network ordered a ninth season. While the usual suspects are back one woman who is getting more noticed now is Karlie Redd who has created several scenes on the show in its previous editions. People like to know more about her especially her boyfriend Arkansas Mo who has been the love of her life for a few years now. However, some disturbing news has been going around in the city of Atlanta of late about Mo. People are asking questions like Is Arkansas Mo dead? and Did Karlie Redd’s fiancé die? Don’t get perturbed, we will tell you what we know right here.

Somebody Started a Rumor!

maurice fayne dead

The whole rumor thing about Mo dying started with the promo clips of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where Redd is shown standing at a funeral with tears streaming down her face. Nobody is sure who died and why Redd was at a funeral while crying the whole time. Some smart guys put two and two together and assumed that her fiancé and boyfriend Arkansas Mo has died. Their logic was “Why else would Karlie Redd be crying?” This logic is a bit far-fetched. If Arkansas Mo had died surely there would be news about it all over the entertainment world knowing that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is one of the most famous shows on VH1. Surely there would have been news all over the internet that Arkansas Mo is dead!

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Revelations Get Mo into Trouble

Arkansas Mo’s real name is Maurice Fayne but he is called by his nickname by everyone including Redd. He likes to be called Arkansas Mo as well and is the owner of a trucking company. He was engaged to Karlie Redd and the couple looked happy for some time before some inconvenient revelations about Mo spoilt the party. It seems that he had a child with another woman and Redd found out about it. She confronted Mo about it and had an altercation with him. Later she told everyone that Mo was controlling her and had also been abusive. So another happy story came to a bitter and acrimonious end.

How Did Arkansas Mo Die?

Why are people saying that Maurice Fayne passed away? Is this news a rumor or real story? From what we know it is a rumor. There is no news on the Internet anywhere that Mo has passed away. If he had the Internet would be singing with this news. After all, Mo is well known in Atlanta and even appeared in several episodes of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season eight. So if he had died surely there would be a police report of it. However, try as we did we couldn’t find any police report or news that Mo was dead. It sure looks that the news of Arkansas Mo passing away is just a malicious rumor and not true.

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Watch the Show to Find Out!

The person whose funeral Redd is show attending in the promo clips of the series could well be someone else and not necessarily Arkansas Mo. That image by no means any proof that Arkansas Mo has passed away. Until this news comes from a reliable source one cannot assume that Mo is no more. If people really want to know about Mo they should watch the ninth season of this popular series. Surely Redd would be talking of him if Mo had really died. After all they were once in love and even engaged. The ninth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta starts at 8:00 pm on VH1 on March 16, 2020, so make sure you watch it.

Is Arkansas Mo from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Dead? Did Karlie Redd’s Fiance Really Die?
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Is Arkansas Mo from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Dead? Did Karlie Redd’s Fiance Really Die?
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is coming back for its ninth season but a disturbing bit of news is also coming along with it. It is that Redd’s fiancé Arkansas Mo is dead and she is crying for him. The promos show her at a funeral but nobody knows who it is that is dead.
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