Is Hilary Farr Married
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Who is Hilary Farr’s husband? This is what people want to know about her. First, who is Hilary Farr? She is the president of her outfit called Hilary Farr’s Designs which was established in Toronto, Canada, and later in New York City. Right now she is instantly recognizable because she is the co-host of the television series Love It or List It along with David Visentin. This show hosted by Hilary Farr and David Visentin comes from the stables of HGTV and W Network. People are curious about her and want to know “Is Hilary Farr Married?”

A Childhood Love for Theater

She was married once. Now Hilary Farr is divorced and has a son. These days she is a single mom and working very hard to make a good life for herself and her son. Working hard is something that Farr has been doing from an early age. As a child, she was interested in theater and developed a love for interior design which was encouraged by her mother. She once helped her mother to decorate her bedroom and that’s when Farr realized that she had a talent for interior design.

A Stint in Acting

After growing up Farr moved to Los Angeles, California, where she bought several less than ideal properties and renovated them. She tried her hand at acting and worked under the name of Hilary Labow in films like Layout for 5 Models, Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width, Sex Farm, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Legend of the Werewolf, The Return and City on Fire.

A Bit of a Rolling Stone

She continued to design and renovate properties in countries like the UK, Australia, and in California, New York, and good old Toronto. After getting a divorce and a lot of work experience Farr returned to Toronto in 2008 and she was promptly signed up as a co-host for the show Love It or List It. This gave her the stability and recognition she had worked hard for all these years but had always seemed a little beyond her grasp. Based on her fame and talent visible on this show Farr later appeared on shows like Search for the Next W Expert 2010, The Marilyn Denis Show, CNN and USA Today.

Sharing her Knowledge & Experience

By now Farr was a smart businesswoman as well and in 2017 she founded a real estate seminar series called Rules of Renovation. These are held all over North America for aspiring investors and have been very successful. After having gone through so much in life Farr decided that she would put her knowledge and experience to good use by teaching and encouraging others especially women to be financially stable and independent.

Is He or Isn’t He?

There has been a lot of speculation about Farr and her co-host and people have often asked the question “Is David Visentin Hilary Farr’s boyfriend?” The truth is that he is not. Farr was previously married to Gordon Farr but now the couple is divorced. On the other hand, David Visentin is happily married to his wife Krista Visentin who is a real estate agent by profession. Sorry folks, no smoke and no fire here! However, this hasn’t stopped curious fans and viewers from Googling this aspect of Farr’s personal life.

A Bold & Caring Woman

Hilary Farr
Photo: Instagram/hilary_farr

Farr is also an animal lover and has been doing a lot of charity work for saving wild elephants. She is deeply involved in efforts to stop elephant poaching in Africa. That’s the kind of intelligent, bold and action-oriented lady that Hilary Farr is. So even as people are speculating about her love life Farr is intent to make this world safe and beautiful one day at a time!

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