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LGBTQ activists have always been railing at Hollywood and the TV entertainment industry for not being sensitive to people with alternative sexualities. Though there have been some good attempts by Hollywood like the film Moonlight it is true that characters have not been fully fleshed out and have been largely stereotypical.

The big TV networks too have been guilty of not being bold and honest about the portrayal of characters who have alternative sexuality. However one series on NBC, a dramedy called “Good Girls” has handled the portrayal of a girl character that identifies as a boy very sensitively and poignantly.

The character “Sadie” is played by a 15-year old talented actor named Isaiah Stannard so well that people have doubts about his sexuality in real life. They are asking if Isaiah Stannard is a boy or girl? Here are a few details from Isaiah Stannard’s wiki.

“Coming Out” Boldly

Isaiah Stannard is currently a series regular on the hit NBC show Good Girls which is in its 3rd season. Stannard plays the character of Sadie Marks, a girl, who came out as a transgender in season 2 of the series.

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After his “coming out” he is called Ben Marks and the exact moment of his truth was handled very delicately and sensitively. Even critics who are hard to please have hailed this scene as exceptional. It has given a lot of happiness to Stannard himself, the Good Girls cast, the series’ makers and the millions of viewers in the larger real world.

Isaiah Stannard’s Gender

Is Isaiah Stannard a Boy
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What about the actor himself in the middle of all this emotional action? Is Isaiah Stannard a girl or is Isaiah Stannard a boy? What is Isaiah Stannard’s gender? What is his sexuality in real life?

Stannard is a boy but in real life he identifies as a transgender something that he told to the series creator Jenna Bans right at the beginning. Bans had initially written the character as a boy named Ben but after learning of Stannard’s real sexuality she rewrote the character as a girl named Sadie.

Bans told the media that:

“We realized that we had a really great opportunity to tell a story about a character that was non-conforming, but at the same time not necessarily have that be what leads the story.”

After the scene was telecast in 2018 Stannard himself thanked the Good Girls fan for their support on Instagram and wrote that he was “so proud” to be part of this series.

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Talent was Spotted Early

is isaiah stannard a girl
Photo: Instagram/izzystannardsite

Stannard’s talent for acting was discovered at an early age and he has since worked in theater, film, TV and voiceover gaining a good reputation and lots of fans along the way. He is a trained SAG-AFTRA and Bicoastal actor and learns all the while making working with him a real pleasure for the cast and the makers. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California, and is represented by the agency Innovative Artists.

Part of a Big Cultural Moment

He has appeared in the film Brad’s Status, and a short film called Party Dress. He once played the title character in his school’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He got a start in the film industry by doing dubbing and voice work. To hone his art and to feed his passion Stannard attended the Professional Performing Arts School where he also trained in dance and voice. Even though he operates out of Los Angeles now Stannard was born and brought up in New York City. Regarding his sexuality Stannard is a transgender who identifies with the male pronouns. His acting in Good Girls is not just good it is a turning point in America’s popular culture. Go for it, Isaiah!

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