Is Vanessa Ferlito Married
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Actress Vanessa Ferlito is making a lot of people tune in to the series NCIS: New Orleans that is currently in its sixth season. The current sixth season premiered on September 24, 2019, and at last count was doing very well among the viewers. Vanessa Ferlito plays the role of Tammy Gregorio, a Washington FBI Special Agent, who works as an investigator in the series. People are curious to know more about her personal life and have been asking questions like Is Vanessa Ferlito married?

Ferlito Plays a Gay Character

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The character of Gregorio has been played so well by Ferlito that there is a spillover of the reel life character onto the real life person. In the series Gregorio is a lesbian who is having an affair with Assistant US Attorney Hannah Lee and this makes her the first main character from the series to be from the LGBTQ community. Naturally she is a big hit among the viewers because she is such an interesting character. People have been asking if Ferlito is gay in real life as well because she has rarely been seen with a man and she has always kept her personal life away from the spotlight.

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She is a Single Mother

The truth is that Ferlito does not say anything about her personal life and prefers to let people go ahead with their own preconceptions. She is single right now and as per reports has never been married. So who is Vanessa Ferlito’s boyfriend? Sorry folks, people and the media have drawn a blank on this question since years. However, Ferlito is a single mother and has a son from a previous relationship. Her son’s name is Vince Ferlito and he is 12 years old. However, there is no information about the boy’s father and Ferlito isn’t telling. All people know is that Vince was born to Ferlito in September 2007 and she was an unwed mother at that time as she is now.

Is Vanessa Ferlito Pregnant?

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People are also speculating about her motherhood again and are asking the question Is Vanessa Ferlito pregnant? According to reports Ferlito is not pregnant and has not said anything about any impending motherhood as well. She is too busy working on the sets of NCIS: New Orleans and giving a great performance as the very exciting Tammy Gregorio. Any free or spare time she gets is spent with her child as she has a big responsibility of being both a mother and father to him. From what people have seen of Vince there is no doubt that Ferlito is doing a great job as a single parent.

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Kissing Quentin Tarantino!

In recent years the only time that the media got a hint of her personal life was when she was seen with Hollywood wonder kid director Quentin Tarantino in a social setting. The couple was seen walking with arms around each other after a cozy dinner in a New York neighborhood and were seen sharing an intimate kiss. This happened in 2014 when Ferlito was working with Tarantino in his movie Death Proof. The unexpected but good outcome of this relationship was that their kiss blew away all the rumors of Ferlito being gay which were hovering near her at that time.

She is NOT Married!

So coming back to the question on everybody’s lips “Is Vanessa Ferlito married?” the answer is a big No! Ferlito is not married but is the single mother of a boy named Vince. Right now she is doing an incredible job as Tammy Gregorio in NCIS: New Orleans and with the way people are reacting to her character it sure looks like she will be here for a long time. So give it for Vanessa Ferlito!

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Is Vanessa Ferlito Married? Does the “NCIS: New Orleans” Star Have a Boyfriend?
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