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Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Does that ring a bell? Well her stage name is Katy Perry. Of course, it rings a million bells, doesn’t it? Everybody on planet Earth who likes pop music right now has heard of and heard Katy Perry’s songs. With her albums and singles, Perry is one of the biggest pop music stars in the world and has sold millions of singles and albums. Her music is catchy, meaningful, fun, and original. What more can the listeners ask for from a pop music star which Katy Perry most certainly is?

What’s Been Katy Perry Up To?

Despite being one of the biggest music stars in the world Perry is just as human as the woman next door. That’s why she is also under quarantine during this COVID-19 pandemic which is ravaging several parts of the world including America. Perry too is staying home until the federal government declares that the lockdown is over and it is safe to come out and resume your regular life. So what is Perry doing during the long days she has in this enforced break that she is getting from her otherwise hectic life?

There is Only One of Each of Us

Katy Perry is doing what she loves more than anything else: making good music. That’s right! Perry has written a song called “Daisies” which in her own words is a call to remain true to the course or life you have set for you and never waver from it no matter how tough things get. She has written on her Instagram post that each one of us is unique amid more than seven billion people and show go for their dreams no matter what anybody else says. Perry has recorded this song called “Daisies” to inspire people who have dreamed of achieving some goals in life and hopes that it will be a soundtrack to their hopes and dreams.

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It’s a Great Song


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🌼 The first single from #KP5 is called #DAISIES and she’s coming MAY 15, 2020 🌼 THE MUSIC MUST GO ON Pre-save link in bio

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Perry has put a short clip of the video and the song on her Instagram account and informed her fans that the song is out now and they should all listen to it and refocus on their dreams and work hard to make all of them come true. Perry looks pregnant in this video so for all you know she might soon be a mother. The song appears to be melodious, catchy, and soaring and there is no doubt that all her fans are going to lap it up. It’s great of Perry to do something so personal with her fans and it is no surprise that she and her music are getting popular by the day. So all you Katy Perry fans go and get “Daisies” as soon as possible. Then work hard and make all your dreams come true!

Katy Perry’s New Song “Daisies” is Truly Inspirational!
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Katy Perry’s New Song “Daisies” is Truly Inspirational!
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Things on Katy Perry’s front have been quiet for a while but not anymore. She has posted a clip of her new song named “Daisies” on her Instagram account and she wants her fans to get inspired by it and work hard to make their dreams come true.
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