Kim Kardashian Lets Loose a Little Excitement
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Whatever the Kardashians do is big news and whatever Kim Kardashian does is usually one step ahead of her sisters. There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian is a stylish, fashionable and trend-setting woman who has made a name for herself as one of the biggest celebrities in the world. After getting married to Kanye West, no mean celebrity himself, Kardashian has become bigger than ever before. She is one of the undisputed celebrity champions in the world. She is always doing something that attracts attention and reams of paper are dedicated to whatever she is doing then.

What is Kim Up To?


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So while the world is cowering in fear from the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic that has spread all over the world especially in the USA what is Kardashian up to? A quick look at her Instagram account answers this question. According to the diva herself, she is self-shooting something very exciting on Zoom these days. She further adds that what she is doing is a bit of a throwback [we are guessing something retro in fashion] but everyone will have to wait to see what it is. From her words and the accompanying pictures, it looks like it’s something related to fashion.

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What is Kim Talking About?

Kim Kardashian and fashion! Is it any wonder that nobody is surprised? After all, put Kardashian on the hot seat and the first thing that comes to her mind is fashion. There are some pictures in her Instagram post showing her in a sexy tank top, with her mother, with her sister, she and another sister as kids and Kardashian in a sexy pose. So what’s the surprise for Kim Kardashian fans? There is a tantalizing hint in her Instagram message that talks about “NewCozyColorsComingSoon #skims.” This is surely referring to some clothes. After all what else could new cozy colors mean in a Kardashian world?

What Could It Be Now?

The other hint is that she is self-shooting on Zoom these days. Put two and two together and the mind straight away goes to new clothes. So is Kardashian launching a new clothing line or is she endorsing some new fashion? Kardashian is surely teasing her fans with these kinds of semi-clues and hints. Fans must be starved of seeing Kardashian in print and the Internet as all non-essential activities are closed in many parts of America. That surely doesn’t stop Kardashian from pulling a new rabbit from her proverbial hat. So hold on fans of Kardashian as she brings some excitement and thrill to an otherwise boring period when everybody is cooped up at their home trying to escape from the deadly clutches of COVID-19.

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Kim Kardashian Lets Loose a Little Excitement for her Fans
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Kim Kardashian Lets Loose a Little Excitement for her Fans
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Everybody is taking a chill pill these days in the time of the Coronavirus but trust Kim Kardashian to create some excitement even during this period. She has put out a cryptic message on her Instagram account for all her fans and is talking about some “new cozy colors” of late.
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