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Naked and Afraid is turning out to be a big hit for the Discovery Channel as tons of viewers and adventure enthusiasts are tuning in to the show to watch a bunch of young men and women rough it out in the wilderness. Its men and women against nature and people get to see the outer limits of human endurance as these brave individuals fight against the harsh elements of nature. One young woman who is doing a fascinating job of survival is the 34-year old woman from Groton, New Hampshire, USA, is Laura Zerra. People are very curious to know more about this young woman so here are some details from Laura Zerra’s wiki.

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A Love for Wild Natures

Laura Zerra Wiki
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Zerra is a woman with multiple talents and that reflects in her CV as she lists herself as a backcountry guide, survival instructor, writer, public speaker, reality TV star and celebrity as well. Her skills are numerous including building shelter, kindling a primitive fire, assembling primitive technology, hunting hide tanning, trapping, and plant identification. Zerra learned how to connect with the land in a very natural way from a young age as she was fascinated by nature and wilderness. Earlier she had spent several years traveling all over America which helped her in learning survival skills and understand her nature.

That Unattainable Feeling of Freedom

She pushes herself to get more of that rarely attainable feeling which the whole human race years for, freedom. When she is out there in the wilderness battling nature she gets that freedom which is like an addictive drug for her. So what about her personal life? Is she involved with anyone? Is Laura Zerra married? Not right now. Laura Zerra is single and not married yet though she hasn’t discounted that possibility sometime in the future. Right now she is too busy finding herself and figuring out what she wants to do in life. Zerra believes that it’s only when you put yourself outside your comfort zone that you realize what you are capable of.

An Adventurer & a Tough Lady

Is Laura Zerra married
Photo: Instagram/laurazerra

Born on September 16, 1985, Laura Zerra’s age is 34 years and she was born in Agawam, Massachusetts. She has a loving family comprising of herself, her father Steven Zerra, and her mother Elizabeth Zerra. As a child, she would often go for adventure and camping trips with her father and thus became a lover of the outdoors. After finishing high school she enrolled at Connecticut College where she obtained a degree in Ethnobiology. As a child, she was interested in birds and animals and started making knives which she sold for a small profit. When she completed 19 years of age in 2004 she got a job as an intern at the Buffalo Field Campaign in West Yellowstone in Montana, USA. Here she documented the senseless killing of wild herds of bison for both meat and just bloody sports and developed a passion for saving endangered species of fauna.

Teaching Others about Mother Nature

Ever the adventurer she later moved to Vermont and joined Roots School after which she ambled into Mexico. Here she hitchhiked and learned her survival skills in the vast jungles. Then in 2010, she started learning hoof care for horses and also became a lecturer at Sharp Shoeing institute in Belmont, New Hampshire. She divided her time between her teaching gig and working at the Baker River Deer Farm. Then Discovery Channel came calling and she jumped into the hectic chaos called Naked and Afraid. As of 2019, Laura Zerra’s net worth was $700,000 and it must have surely gone up since then.

A Very Popular and Admired Young Woman

Laura and Jeff Zausch
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Zerra is very popular on social media having 75,600 followers for her Instagram page, 30,000 loyal fans for her Facebook page and a fan base of 16,500 for her Twitter account. There have been rumors of a romantic relationship between her and Zeff Zausch but Zerra has not spoken about it to media so it’s all speculation at this stage. She has featured in several tough and gritty shows like Naked after Dark, Naked and Afraid XL, and Naked and Afraid: Savage, and has proved that a woman can just be as strong and strong-willed as a man. More power to Laura Zerra! You go, Girl!!

Laura Zerra’s Wiki: Is Laura Zerra from “Naked and Afraid” Married?
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Laura Zerra explored the wilds along with her sport-loving father at a young age and developed a passion for nature. Today she is an as-hard-as-nails competitor in the reality show Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel and a virtual encyclopedia on plant and animal life.
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