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When Madonna first hit the record stores in a big way with her landmark album Like a Virgin few believed that the diminutive singer-songwriter would become the queen of pop music in a quick time. She gave so many singles and albums to the record-buying public and her fans that she has become an institution. Whatever the pretty female pop stars of today do would not be possible if Madonna had not written the book on building an image and constantly reinventing it. Songs like “Holiday,” “Borderline,” “Like a Virgin,” “Material Girl,” “La Isla Bonita,” “True Blue,” and “Like a Prayer” showed how high-quality pop music should sound and are as fresh and catchy as the day they were recorded almost three decades ago.

The Queen of Controversy

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Madonna got introduced to a new generation of fans with her hugely successful Madame X Tour and they couldn’t believe that this feisty lady was once a cultural phenomenon all over the world especially in a shocked America. Has anybody ever forgotten the controversial “Black Jesus” and the furor it caused in the Bible-thumping land of the free? She wore a specially designed Jacket for the Madame X Tour and now she is using it to make yet another fundraising event for “kids, the elderly and the frontline heroes.”

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A Laudable Attempt at Fund Raising

That’s right! Madonna is offering her special single-piece-of-its-kind tour jacket to the person who wins it in the fundraising event titled the “ALL-IN CHALLENGE” she has planned to raise money for food for this impoverished lot. This jacket has been designed by Elizabeth Emanuel and will be given away to one winner of the sweepstakes. People have to buy coupons in different denominations which give them a fixed number of entries and the lucky winner will be selected from this group of coupon buyers. The winner will also receive a personal telephone call on his or her birthday from Madonna and she will serenade him with a Happy Birthday song and wishes.

The Hungry Will be Fed!

The publicity is being done through both traditional ways and of course through social media especially Instagram. Young boys and girls are making a plaintive appeal to people all over the world to donate to this event so that really good quality food can be disbursed to the needy who are going to sleep every night on an empty and half-filled stomach. 100% of the money raised through this donation drive titled the ALL-IN CHALLENGE will go directly to organizations like Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, Meals on Wheels, and No Kid Hungry.

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Raising the Bar Once Again

Madonna is once again showing the stars of today that there is more to life than pop music and self-indulgence. Madonna should know coz she wrote the book on self-indulgence and self-promotion that marked her career in the 1980s and 1990s. No guys, we are not talking about her book “Sex.” So go ahead and buy the donation coupons and extend your helping hand to those who could use your help. It’s not too much to ask for!

Madonna’s Ambitious Resolve to Feed the Hungry
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Madonna’s Ambitious Resolve to Feed the Hungry
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Madonna is the woman who wrote the manual of success for all pop stars that now decorate the entertainment galaxy. She also was among the first female pop stars that cared for the disenfranchised. Now she is trying to put food into hungry stomachs.
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