Madonna is Chilling with a Delicious Drink
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Madonna may be nearing senior citizen status in the pop music world that she helped build as much as she gained from it but it’s still news when the ex-virgin does something. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated large parts of America people have been placed under quarantine to protect them from getting infected by this deadly virus that has already claimed the lives of tens of thousands of lives in America. This includes many celebrities in Hollywood and also from the music industry. There are few stars more famous and accomplished than the veteran Madonna and she too is under quarantine just like the rest of us mortals.

What’s the Material Girl Doing?

Madonna First Album
Photo: Instagram/madonna

So what is the veteran diva Madonna doing during the quarantine and what is she doing to pass the time? Madonna is unaccustomed to being confined to her home as her creative urges are always pushing her to do something new and radical that is sure to upset her puritan critics. Has anyone forgotten her “Black Jesus” video or her lip-to-lip kiss with the one-time heir apparent Britney Spears? That’s just two examples from her long list of controversy creating actions that have often made her the object of hatred for the somber and respectable section of the public and the object of adoration for the girls who dream of launching their brand of rebellion one day.

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Cooling Down with a Drink


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Quarantine Cocktail………….3 Olives—Extra Dry—Don’t Bruise the Ice! 🍸

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Madonna is enjoying a cocktail with three extra dry olives and a suitable amount of ice! That’s right! Madonna is enjoying a cocktail coolly and has posted a photo of her enjoying the drink on her Instagram account. She has written about her cocktail and made a plea for not bruising the ice! So it is obvious that Madonna is living it up at her home and chilling out just like the rest of the celebrity brigade and not breaking into a sweat because of having to stay cooped up at home. Trust us when we say that her mind is thinking fast about what new music to put out and what next tour to announce even as she gets some hard-earned time away from the grueling limelight.

Give Us that Funky Groove Again!

There are some other pictures too of Madonna that she has posted on Instagram. A photo of little Madonna with her mother, a grown-up Madonna striking a pose during her Madam X Tour, a turbulent sky, and some snaps of some people dancing. Madonna hasn’t put out an album for a while and she is probably taking this forced time-out to think about some new music that she has going on in her head. The old salad days won’t come back and nobody gets young again ever but a good Madonna album is just what her fans and critics need. After all, the queen of pop has given delightful moments of sheer aural magic over the years and nobody has ever complained about that. So Madonna let the good times roll again!

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Madonna is Chilling with a Delicious Drink during Quarantine!
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Madonna is under quarantine thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and spending her time at home just as the other millions of Americans doing the same. She is keeping a cool head and enjoying a drink even as her mind is busy thinking of the new melodies with which to entice her fans.
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